Roon Endpoint with Optical Out to MiniDSP 2x4 HD

I want to setup an open baffle speaker using a MiniDSP 2x4 HD. I need a Roon endpoint (with volume control using room remote app) that has an optical out that I could plug directly into the MiniDSP 2x4 HD optical in. I had considered using a Mac Mini with optical out but was not sure that it would have a volume control that you could use with Roon Remote. Would the above configuration work? Do you have a better recommendation for a Roon endpoint (with volume control) that I connect optical to MiniDSP? Is there a better way to setup Roon to the MiniDSP 2x4 HD? Thanks so much for your help? Please note I also have a Raspberry Pi 4B and could use a hat. However with research I could not figure out what hat to purchase and what software to use. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.

Greg Edwards

The Pro-Ject Stream Box S2.

If you still need to buy the MiniDSP, go for the new MiniDSP Flex that has a physical volume knob.

The Stream Box S2 isn’t Roon Ready.

Indeed, I meant the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra.

But that has no optical out.

Blueos node is roon ready and has an optical out.

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The Primare NP5 is probably a better bet. Roon Ready, with both TOSLINK and SPDIF outputs:

NP5 Prisma – network player – Primare

I have a Mk.1 for sale. If you’re interested, PM me.

Martin thanks for your help. I would be possibly interested in the NP5 MKI. A couple of questions please. What is the difference between MKI and MKII? Do you know the optical output quality? I assume it has a volume control through Roon Remote software, Correct? Where are you located? I am in the Midwest of USA. Thanks again for your help.


Hi Greg,

I’m in the UK, so shipping to the US might be difficult?

But I would highly recommend seeking out the NP5 where you are in the US. It’s a great bit of kit! :smiley:

Toslink because you’re using RCA for another input??
Of all the input choices Toslink is the poorest and most jitter prone.

You’ve actually got everything you need already! Just plug the USB interface of your MiniDSP 2x4 HD into the Raspberry Pi. You can install Roon Bridge and use USB audio through ALSA. You’ll be limited to 24bit 96KHz… but that’s really the practical limit of that MiniDSP model.

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Yep. Use RoPieee for the software on the Pi.

I’ve used the Minidsp 2x4hd off usb on ropieee and raspberry pi. Works like a charm.

Used in my case for Linkwitz lab LXmini

Kolas and Wizard of Oz. Thank you for your suggestion regarding using the Raspberry Pi USB out. What OS are you using (Ropieee)? Do you have a volume control? I would like to use two MiniDSP’s. I assume I could use a USB splitter. Would that work? How do you like the MiniDSP with Roon? Thanks so much for your help. Taipan 1013

Kolas - thank you for your help. I am novice and need your further help. I am currently using Ropieee software. I assume this is a Roon Bridge. You reference USB Audio through ALSA. How do I setup ALSA through USB. Thanks so much for your help. Taipan

Here’s the basic steps:

  • Install RoPieee on an SDCard, load into the Raspberry Pi.
  • Configure your MiniDSP for USB input, connect it to the Raspberry Pi with included cable.
  • Connect the Raspberry Pi to the network and boot!

After a few minutes… Roon should automatically find RoPieee and show the MiniDSP as an available device. Just configure it and you’re all set!

RoPieee Beginner’s Guide

Kopas thanks so much for your help. I think i understand what you sent. Will i be able to contol the volume with setup you suggested? The issue is i would like to use two MiniDSP’s. I have an OB speaker with 4 drivers on each side (8 drivers in total). Would it be possible to use two USB outs from Pi? One usb out (from Pi) going to first Minidsp and the second usb out going to second Minidsp. How would Roon recognize this setup? If the above would not work do you have any additional suggestions? Thanks so much for help. Extremely appreciated. Taipan

I think that would work. Roon would see both devices.

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Yes, that’s true, but it would see them as two different zones. To play back to both devices at the same time, you would have to group them.

I still don’t fully understand what you really want to achieve using two MiniDSP devices, but I suppose you want to use them as active crossover. In this case I am not sure if the synch between two zones in Roon is good enough. Maybe others who have experience with such a setup will comment. I am interested in learning about that, too.

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Bill thank you very much for your help.


I have done a lot of research using 2 minidsp’s. I almost to the point of just use the MiniDSP to drive the 4 woofers (two on each speaker). I have an Open Baffler speaker I built. It has tweeter, midrange and 2 woofers (on each side). The original thought was to have an active crossover for each speaker. Thus the need for 2 MiniDSP’s. Thanks again for your help.