Roon EQ Setting to Replicate Decware ZRock 2


I’m trying to replicate the Decware ZRock2 EQ settings in Roon but don’t know enough about either interpreting the Decware EQ info, or about how to adjust the Roon EQ, to achieve this. I asked Steve Deckert, and he referred me to the info below. I would appreciate a Roon EQ recipe to replicate this effect. I have a Decware ZBox, which for the most part handles the tube part of the equation.

“ The graph below shows the Z-ROCK EQ turned all the way up. The lower dotted line is what you get when the Z-ROCK is bypassed. As you can see, the blue line creates a linear shelf of bass between 20 ~ 60 Hz followed by a gradual slope out to 260 Hz where it flattens out through the midrange and then gently rolls the treble. ”