Roon Error "Roon Lost Control of the Audio Device"

When I attempt to play music through Roon on certain devices, I get the error “Roon Lost Control of the Audio Device”

  • Roon will play on Sonos ARC, KEF LSX II and Bluesound Node 2.

  • Roon will NOT play on Sonos Amp(2), Sonos Port, Sonos Beam and Sonos 5

This issue occurs running Roon on a Windows PC or Android phone.

Hi @richard_rubenstein,
Thank you for your patience while we worked through the queue. Are you using a firewall? If so make sure that Roon processes are being allowed through. Another possibility to check for is different subnets. Let me know if either of these solves your problem.


Thanks for you reply.

I’ve moved some of my devices from Sonos streaming to Airplay and that seems to correct the issue. I have not checked everything yet.

My network is all the same 192.168.86.n, so no subnetting.

As far as the firewall goes, yes I am using BitDefender Firewall but I don’t know how to check if processes are being allowed through. The firewall does show that roonappliance.exe is allowed.


I’m glad to hear that switching to AirPlay fixed at least some of your issues. In addition to roonappliance.exe make sure RAATServer.exe and RoonServer.exe are allowed through as well.

Taken care of! I’ll let you know if there any other issues.

Please be advised that Roon support is light-years ahead of qobuz and tidal.

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