Roon Essentials 1.7 lost feature?

Thanks to the team for releasing an update for Roon Essentials. It seems much more stable for Android now. But a feature that I use a lot seems to be gone now. What happened to the lyrics? I would often use them when difficult to understand from the music, and often referred to the lyrics to get a deeper understanding of the song. Did this feature get moved in Roon Essentials or did it get removed? If it was taken out, may I request that it be returned in a future release?

Click the three dot menu in now playing screen and look at your configuration to see if it is deselected.

Thanks for the quick suggestions. My screen to customize the Now Playing seems a little different, (this is the Windows version) It doesn’t show a Lyrics option between View File Info and Edit

Click on “configure now playing screen” it’s in that menu.

I tried that, but this is what I get. Was the feature removed from Roon Essentials with 1.7 release?

I think it may have done!

Ah, terrible news if that is the case. Instead it seems to be replaced with enhanced Live Radio, which I never use as I don’t use Roon to listen to the radio. Hopefully they will bring back the Lyrics, it was a much more useful feature for those who really want to get into the music they listen to.

I would think that it’s an oversight. (Fingers crossed)

Hi @Alan_Luke,

Please see Mike’s note about this here:

Thank you Dylan for responding on this, I really appreciate it. And I am glad that it was just a bug and that some form of Lyrics will be back again in Essentials

I don’t think Essentials need full blown sync’ed lyrics but I personally just want to read the lyrics of the song so I am able to better understand if the vocalists are singing in a style that make understanding difficult.

Thanks again

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