Roon Essentials Radio only linked to library

Elac Discovery DD-S101
My Radio function only searches my library. I use Tidal. It will pull songs from Albums I have added to my library from Tidal but won’t look at Tidal to discover new music

Not much info regarding Roon Essentials so maybe it doesn’t allow for searching of Tidal via Radio? I can stream music from Tidal at anytime so it is OT a connection issue or Tidal account. Either Essentials does not allow it or I am un aware of a setting to search outside my library. One help function says I can click on “…” and specify to look in my library only but I see no such option anywhere when clicking any “…” button.

Ethernet cable from router to Elac music server

As above

320 albums so 4000 tracks?

Description of Issue

As above

Hi @Ken_Bohn,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response.

Down by your play controls, click the button to the right of next to see your queue. Then click the three dots (lower set) and make the change accordingly. Please see my screenshot for reference and let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with!


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