Roon Essentials - Sources on PC

This question does not seem to be in the FAQs: When I’m using Roon Essentials on my PC, is it possible to use Roon as audio output source? So that e.q. my browser audio, game audio will be directed to (defined) speakers managed by Roon?

No. Roon does not see inputs, only outputs. At the time of writing, the only way to get Roon to see an external source as an input is to fool it into thinking that it is an internet radio stream and using the Internet radio functionality in Roon.

OK, thank you, that’s disappointing.

Is this not a common usecase?
If you use Roon on PC or Mac, don’t you want your whole PC/Mac sound to be played via Roon?
Is there no “official” solution for this problem?

It is the way the Roon team have chosen to go. You can raise a Roon Software feature request and see where that goes.

This request has been raised a number of times; for example here:

I note that you are using Roon Essentials, not the full Roon. Any new features will first appear in Roon; there is no guarantee that they will ever make their way into Roon Essentials, which is a completely different product. I think that there are already significant differences between Roon (now on version 1.6) and Roon Essentials (which is, I think still only equivalent to version 1.3 of Roon). I haven’t found a complete feature list of what Roon Essentials currently is on the Elac web site.