Roon Ethernet Bridge with Device Volume?

I have a BlueSound Node 2i and an external DAC connected to that. It works great. with the Roon Device Volume, but I would like to replace that with a dedicated Roon Bridge and repurpose the Node 2i to my Headphones setup in the other room.

Is there a Roon Bridge that has a good quality working Device Volume? I tried Ropieee which is great, but it does not provide the device volume and I do not like the DSP Volume.

Elac Discovery DS C101W-G Roon ready bridge. Sells for round €450 right now in Europe.

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Kristian, are you after something ‘better’? And if so what sort of budget are you looking at?

Budget is up to 600 euros. … grudgingly

I teally like Ropiee on raspberry pi to my denafrips ares Ii Dac and that SQ is good enough, but Ropiee does not provide Device volume.