Roon.exe disapearing on Win 8.1 install

Running 1…2 stable 165 (64bit) windows machine, Win 8.1. On both my laptop at home (where I’m controlling only the core running on a SonicTransporter i5) and my desktop at work where I control and use core on win machine (so both machines are on company domain) I have the same problem.

Every 5 or 6 times I start roon from icon, instead of starting I get a popup message that says file is missing and do I want to browses for it, etc. Turns out that the file “roon.exe” is missing from the roon program file folder (and don’t see it moved elsewhere in a search). A reinstall (running install program as administrator) of roon brings it all back (roon.exe is in the roon folder). But problem always comes back.

I run both machines as “administrator” and roon.exe is ticked as allowed to pass through the windows firewall. (AV is some sort of “bigfix protection agent” with no local access to modify. I’ve never had to add exceptions for other programs (I use foobar2000, LMS, dropbox, etc.).

Thoughts? or suggestions about what I can tell my network guys needs to be set on their end.

you might verify that your antivirus program isn’t treating Roon as a virus and removing it. AVG seems to have that issue.

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