Roon executes many queries to its home server

I love the Roon software and it is impressive that this community seems to be able to answer about any question. So far I did just read the threads but now I do also have a question.
I have a Pi-hole installed (linux-based software on a raspi-pi that is blocking ads and shows queries of devices within a network that access the internet). Regarding the roon software I just saw that it did contact the following domains very frequently today: 8.700 times 2.900 times
metadataserver 1.100 times
All of that happened today!
All queries are permitted by the Pi-hole, not blocked.
Tidal is installed, so maybe it comes from there…
I did not use Roon/Tidal today, Roon is installed on an Intel NUC and was just running idle.
For sure there has to be some traffic “home” but these figures look weird.

I have a problem with a roon bridge (on another raspi-pi), it shows “there was an error checking for an update” within Roon but the bridge was unplugged today, so I assume that is not the culprit.

Thank you



It is very, very chatty. If you look at the support threads you will often see a recommendation to improve performance to move off ISP DNS servers for this very reason.

Roon is always checking for metadata updates to ensure it has the latest info for you library and the latest updates to streaming services your use. Nothing to worry about.

Don’t see why roon can’t cache some of this info. Not like we need real time updates on Led Zeppelin II.


Blasphemy. Of course we need second-by-second updates on Led Zeppelin II. In fact, the Led Zeppelin composer information is always subject to frequent change based on the latest law suit. :stuck_out_tongue: