Roon Experience vs. Vinyl Experience

Recently bought a turntable and am revisiting vinyl alongside Roon.

Those of you who have both how do you integrate the two?

I don’t. My vinyl rig is for those that insist on bringing their own licorice.


Good question which I asked myself some time ago: basically I didn’t see the need for the integration of vinyl and roon, but than I started searching for my vinyls respective the CD equivalent within Tidal library followed by integrate these releases in my roon library and give the personal tag “LP” (meaning: I have the vinyl in my cabinet). This results in having the entries integrated in my personal library and can easily filter on “vinyl only view” or have the integrated picture of my library and can decided on stream or turntable if I feel I would like to hear.

I am starting to rip my vinyl to dsd via my ps audio NPC…so I can get close to the same sound I hope without having to get up and down all night :smile:

24/48 is more than adequate to rip vinyl and leaves headroom for correcting glitches. If you’re not doing any post processing then 16/44.1 will do.

I’m actually looking for thoughts on the the experience of sitting down and listening to an album with Roon and the same with a vinyl album. Roon gets us closer to that vinyl experience, but from what I have observed now that I have started listening to vinyl is that it is a much more intentional experience than even listening via Roon.

I have yet to make a judgement on which sound I prefer, so this discussion is about the experience.

Not sure why one’s mindset would change when listening to vinyl vs digital. I’m either actively listening or have music going as background. When actively listening to an album, whether I’m listening using Roon or vinyl the experience doesn’t change … it’s about the music. What I don’t miss is the rigmarole of prepping an album for playback and then having to get up to flip it just as I’m comfortable and enjoying the music.


Have lots of both. Generally use Roon and Tidal to preview albums before I commit to buy the vinyl. For the most part, the vinyl has more presence and pace than the digital version, so I prefer it - most of the time. I am less tolerant of surface noise and ticks and pops than many died-in-the-wool vinylphiles, but when it is right, vinyl still caries the day. The ritual can be a pain: two forms of cleaning, anti-static, etc. There is no fast forward or skip function, but I can’t tell you how many tracks I have grown to like simply because I can’t skip them - soon I don’t want to skip them. Vinyl rules! Except when it doesn’t.

Vinyl sounds inferior in every way. If you prefer the artifacts the medium introduced, those are easily emulated in software over digital tracks.

The only reason to do vinyl is because playing with them is fun. And that’s a perfectly valid reason!

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Interesting stance. I agree playing music is fun, that’s the reason I started this thread. How is the fun with vinyl incorporated with the fun of Roon. :slight_smile:

My plan is to rip my large vinyl collection to digital using a ADC, then clean up any surface imperfection noise using Audacity software. I have long ago gotten over the novelty of actually playing vinyl over and over, even though it does have a somewhat unique sound…I much prefer the convenience of the Roon interface.

I used to think the same thing, but my experience today is different. I run a dCS Debussy digital rig for much of my casual listening. But for me, when I want to be deeply engaged in the music, my vinyl set-up is my goto source. Others hear things differently, so it is an individual thing. Those clicks and pops still bother me, but I rarely have to deal with them. I clean my records scrupulously.

And your are right, vinyl is fun!