Roon Experience

It’s nice to start without technical problems, welcome. We wish that with much support to all who start.

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Thanks, RBO. I am enjoying the ride thus far.

Thanks, Kevin. It’s good to hear that your experience is good to-date.

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Indeed, Enrico, music listening has gone to a new level. The genre function has led me down a path of constant discovery, thus far. I really love the collaborators’ feature.

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Hey Uwe,
Yes, not having technical issues with a product like this is helpful.

i, too, have had blessedly few tech issues; i have several nodes of very high quality gear (lumin/chord) all the way down to a HomePod in the garage - by and large the experience has been great. wonderful to have the SQ and the metadata at your fingertips - i have honestly learned so much about my music just by being able to peruse album/artist bios, histories, credits… like the old days of lounging all afternoon on the carpet with a pile of LP liner notes and robert christgau books… here’s hoping to years more of roon, onward and upward!

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Thanks, Dtich.
What types of music do you enjoy? Are you a speakers or a headphone guy, or both?

Sounds like you are Roon Ready! Cheers!


Your handle is very clever. Thanks for the welcome and happy listening.

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hey david, i enjoy lots really. lizzo to django, partitas to murder ballads. i listen on some lcd 4s or sennheiser/akgs sometimes but mainly on speaks. have dynaudio, proac, thiel… some devore gibbons coming in. i love sound and music. i do a lot of sound work in the film industry as well, so scores and effects, too. have had my music library digitized for many years, but roon is really making me feel the joy of music listening and exploration i haven’t really felt since the first iPods changed my listening habits (listened to a lot more a lot more often, it put it literally at your fingertips)… this morning (since i mentioned it above) i’m blasting lizzo on the dynaudio system :smiley: smiles on the face. how about you?

Hey Dtich,

Your gig sounds awesome! The iPod way back when was a game changer for me too. It definitely revolutionized the way I looked at music. Since discovering FLAC, etc., I’ve been digital only too. I’m using Devialet Phantom II speakers, LCD XC, LCD X and Focal Celestee. My stack is a Topping D90SE/A90. How do you like the LCD 4? I am very interested in that model. Audeze makes a great product and provides quality support. While I don’t own any DCA products, when I was considering purchasing one of their headphones, they were also responsive. You should check out the Dee Gees by the Foo Fighters, awesome!

Oh, yeah, loving Grace Jones right now, too.

OH WOW, I haven’t listened to Grace Jones since 1984 LOL.

She still sounds amazing.

I also really enjoy using Roon, expanding my musical knowledge and experiencing so much new music with Tidal.

I do really miss having the ratings on in the discography, it really helped in trying out new artists with large catalogs. I hope that is restored soon.

The ratings are there , not sure what your referring to.

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I have the latest ver 1.8 and they are gone.
1.8 has the white background. I am traveling and can’t send a photo till later in the week
thank you

This is a setting that is specific to each Control (Roon Remote or the Roon desktop app) rather than a global setting.

Pick “Edit” next to Customize album display" on the General tab of Roon Settings to choose which badges you want Roon to display when viewing albums. The one you are looking for is “Show album rating”.

Again, if you want the same items displayed on all of your Control devices, you’ll have to manually adjust these settings for each of them. Good luck.


Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I can’t wait to give it a try. I have seen several posts on this issue with no solutions.

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Perfect ! thank you
When I first joined Roon the default was “on”, not off. And none of the treads mentioned that obvious simple fix.

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