Roon export ends in duplicates

Hello Forum,

i export my files from roon for mobile use on an SD Card. First i export complete albums. After that i export playlist, where some songs also appear in some of the before exported albums. This leads often to duplicates i.e. the folder for the album gets created again containing the songs of the exported playlist.
I noticed there are two files .roonjournal and .rooncontents. The file .roonconentes does not contain all of the songs i exported. The file ends with line 6431. Is this a limitiation regarding the number of files?
I think this is the root cause for the duplicates. I can reproduce the problem if the file is not listed in the .rooncontents file.

I also repeated the whole export process, which leads to the same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Christian_Gnirss

When you export a playlist in Roon (with local content), the local content is fully exported along with the playlist file. So if the tracks were exported in a playlist and from the album, it is expected that there would be duplicates here.

Thank you for the quick response. Maybe there is some misunderstanding.
The full album and the playlist which also contains songs of the album are exported to the same directory.

For some tracks this works just fine - no duplicates there. For some tracks duplicates are exported. My current analysis shows that as long as the file is listed in the .rooncontents file (checked via text editor), no duplicates will be exported.
If the file is not listed - duplicate file is generated. This is reproducable. This leaves the question why are not all files listed in the .rooncontents and why does the file not get updated any more? Maybe there is a limit regarding the amount of files?

Thanks again for your help.