Roon Export files --

I’m testing exporting files from Roon, exporting a dozen albums. Some of the album were duplicates, so I’m also seeing how it handles those. There was a ‘duplicates’ setting when exporting, and I turned it on (but I don’t remember exactly what the language was on that setting).

Anyway, when the export was done I see this dialog box and I’m wondering exactly what happens when you click the ‘Clean Up’ or the ‘Remove’ button. I was exporting files, I didn’t know I was cleaning up nor removing anything. I don’t find any documentation on the Roon website as to what those buttons would do exactly.

I’m not sure, but, I just setup a test directory with 2 CDs not yet in my Roon library and a test export location. I exported each separately trying the Clean up button once and then the Remove button. Both, of the buttons, just seemed to clear the export pop up. The original files and the exported files were untouched for me.

It would be nice to get an official statement on what those buttons actually do (or not do).

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