Roon Extension: Alarm Clock v0.7.4

(Danny Dulai) #81

zero impact. Your SMB devices ping, your ZeroConf mDNS pings, your DHCP are renewing, ethernet ARPs are arp-who-has’ing all the time. Hitting 1 modern website is the same as a year of pings :slight_smile:


What is the command to be written ?

Just did a couple of test. Now I can’t reproduce myself either :grinning:
I used 2 min as fade time. Will test more another day.

(Jan Koudijs) #83

There is an update available (version 0.1.1) that implements fading for the dB volume scale. It also includes some small fixes.

To install, step 3 till 7 of the installation guide have to be repeated (overwrite the files of the previous install). See the first post for the link.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #84

I somehow missed your log request – sorry 'bout that!

Anyway – just installed 0.1.1 - working like a charm. Fun to watch the volume controls slide back in real time. :slight_smile:

(Jules Herfst) #85

After having figured out to use the exit command the extension is up & running.
However, the nohup.out file is growing bigger fast.
Not sure how long this solution will last.

@RBM: where, which folder should i install this service?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #86



After creating the service file:

systemctl daemon-reload

systemctl enable what-ever-you-name-it.service

systemctl start what-ever-you-name-it.service


(Jan Koudijs) #87

You can through away the output by using this command:

nohup node . > /dev/null 2>&1 &

(Jules Herfst) #88

@Jan & Rene,

both many thanks. Currently the service solution is running.:cold_sweat:


I couldn’t resist any longer…

I’ve just completed the install process and what should I say, it just works as a charm! Many thanks! I’m a bit scared of the terminal window which is displaying an endless stream of weird information but somehow it does the trick.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this whole extension thing flourish within roon over time!

(Jan Koudijs) #90

Thank you!
Messages like yours keep me motivated.

Being an early adopter gives you a developer view on some of the Roon API internals. The stream of messages does not have a negative impact on the performance, as outlined by Danny earlier in this thread (post 81).


Oh I have to thank! Looking at that code-wrangling terminal window, this piece of software seems to be more complex than one would think… But I must admit, I’ve never witnessed a live transcript of a running program before :slight_smile:

(Mr Fix It ) #92

@Jan_Koudijs How long would it be before this Extension would be available as a non geek install? I will probably do the GitHub install at some stage but my guess is there will be many who will find this little gem indispensable once its mainstream installable.



Thanks for a very useful app/extension.

Are these FADE options implemented ? Or planned to be ?
So far I’m only able to do Fade-up in the Fade Time.

The Fade-out is the sleep function, Right ?

Any plans of making a different UI ?

Can you explain how a final implementation is meant to be done, or is this something Roon has to explain ?
(Maybe that’s the non geek install)

How about a :alarm_clock: symbol visible from the top left menu ? Also a Roon decision I suppose ?

(Jan Koudijs) #94

I cannot answers these questions, the extension ecosystem has to be provided by the Roon team. When such a system is available I can image that I can submit my extension and that you can browse all the available extensions from within Roon and select one for installation. Timing of all this may depend on how this extension thingy is picked up by the community. If it becomes a hot topic it will become more relevant for the Roon team to work on this.

(Jan Koudijs) #95

They are implemented. How the fade time is used depends on some settings/conditions:

  • If you have setup an alarm that starts playback and there is no music playing, the fade time will be used to fade-in from silence to the configured volume level.
  • If you have setup an alarm that stops playback and there is music playing, the fade time will be used to fade-out from the current playing volume to silence.
  • If you have setup an alarm that starts playback but music is already playing, the fade time will be used to fade from the current playing volume to the configured playing volume. This way you can fade-up or -down in volume.

No plans to change the UI. I want to keep on using the extension integration in the Roon Settings menu. The available UI elements are quite limited at the moment, resulting in this bare bones UI.

(Jan Koudijs) #96

Fixed summer time bug!

Here in the Netherlands and in other European countries the transition from winter time to summer time will take place the coming night.

I discovered that there is a bug in Alarm Clock, causing the alarm expiration to be one hour late! This happens if the alarm is setup before the transition and will expire after it. The time reported in the status screen gives the local time at which the alarm will expire, so please check it.

I have fixed the bug and have put version 0.1.2 on GitHub. So please update, especially if you have set an alarm for tomorrow (e.g. to watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix).

To install, step 3 till 7 of the installation guide have to be repeated (overwrite the files of the previous install). See the first post for the link.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #97

Astute as always, Jan. Not a big F1 fan, but appreciated nonetheless. :slight_smile:

(Jules Herfst) #98

Thx Jan, worked very well. Are you considdering a real sleeptimer (countdown) function?


(Jan Koudijs) #99

I had not thought about it, till you asked.

If I understand you correctly, you want to specify a relative time for a stop action. So instead of calculating a time at which playback should stop, you just specify e.g. 30 minutes. Count down starts when the settings is entered and 30 minutes later playback stops. The following day you just re-enable the alarm without a need to update the alarm time.

This should not be too difficult to implement, only limitation is that you can not repeat an alarm like this. So what I have in mind is that if you specify a single shot alarm (Day is set to Once) and the action is Stop that you can only specify a minute value. This is then the number of minutes till playback stops. Doing it this way prevents the addition of yet another setting.

Does this suit your needs?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #100

I would like this!

Being able to preset a pause in the queue