Roon Extension: Alarm Clock v0.9.0

Like this ?

or this…

Why can’t I use this ?
It’s the same you’re asking ?

And then getting this as before:

End of file looks like this:

Text in red:

npm ERR! git clone --template=C:\Users\Foobar\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache_git-remotes_templates --mirror C:\Users\Foobar\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache_git-remotes\git-https-github-com-roonlabs-node-roon-api-transport-git-8f45bd39: undef

You need git:

Did that. Huge amount of SW. Now what ?
Cause repeating npm install was not an option :slight_smile:


Now working :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing the missing link Rene, I will update the instructions.


And yes, can aslo confirm my Roon on my iPad via SonicTransporter i5 is working :slight_smile:

Thanks for help.

Just if any wonder you do not start the normal CMD but the one given by “GIT”

I did not change anyting during instalation. Left everyting as defalt during installation.

And then the instructions is the same.

So now we only need a Mac user to test :slight_smile:

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It works. :slight_smile:

On a Mac ? :blush:

Yes, this is a Mac.

Not surprising, as Node.js and git are well known tools that work fine across platforms.

But the proof of the pudding: dare I trust @Jan_Koudijs to wake me up monday morning? :smiley:

More seriously: I like your pioneering spirit quite a bit, Jan. This is a nice bit of foreshadowing of what will be possible with Roon over time.

VV[quote=“Jan_Koudijs, post:40, topic:21556”]
Start off by performing a basic test. Set up a non-critical alarm to start or stop playback and see if it works for you.


Can you add “Today” as an option. That will be quite usefully as well. Unless I’ve missed how to do.
If I understand this correct, I can only set alarms for next day, meaning it has to be after midnight. Correct ?

If you like further challenges, you probably could connect this to your calendar or birthdays, etc. (Not that I will use. It’s enough with the smartphone ).

A count down timer could be an option to the today request above ?
(I can’t wait to see of this really works) :slight_smile:


I may misunderstood how it works. If you put on fade, that will start be forfore your wake up time.

So no none for a today. Sorry for the confusion.

What I did first was to set the wake up shorter that the fade in. Then I got one week ahead. Quite logically.

But maybe add an option set stop after xx minutes ?

I have to admin that I still had a backup over the last week :blush:, apart from the failure on Monday where I wrote about, I did not need it. One issue I have with internet radio is that it sometimes plays at half speed, but this can also happen when playback is started manually.[quote=“RBM, post:59, topic:21556”]
More seriously: I like your pioneering spirit quite a bit, Jan.


Need some help.

i installed the extension on my NUC6i5 where my core is running.
I use putty from a Windows10 pc to start the extension.
After starting with the command “node .” i can see the extension in roon remotes.
Everything looks ok.
When i kill the putty connection the extension is disabled/invisable.
Makes sensebut how do i start the extension and close the Putty wh terminating the extension?

Sorry i’m not expert but with some hints i can manage.


This probably requires a bit of explanation. The ‘Once’ option sets the alarm to the first occurrence of the set time. If the time hasn’t passed for today, you will be alarmed today, otherwise you will be alarmed tomorrow.

That’s correct, the idea is that you are awake at the set time. The details of fading can be found in post 27.

I ran into the same issue. I connect from my PC to my NUC via ssh, both systems are running Linux. To prevent termination at logout I had to run the extension via nohup (no hangup).

nohup node . &

What OS is running on your NUC? I don’t know if there is a Windows replacement.

Unfortunately this didn’t work. See pic for OS info.

I made a little service definition so node/alarm-clock.js is auto-loaded as a service – this appears to work:


ExecStart=/usr/bin/node /home/rene/roon-extension-alarm-clock-master/alarm-clock.js > /dev/null 2>&1


You don’t see the output this way. Did the extension not appear? It all looks OK.

I definitely will give this a try.

Yes, it appears but after terminating the ssh connection it is gone.

Firstly, thanks @Jan_Koudijs for all your hard work on this.

Ok, so I have tested the basic functionality on a windows 10 x64 PC this evening and can confirm the alarm started correctly on time. Roon had previously been in “Radio” mode, so this is what started playing when the alarm was initiated.

The Roon core is running on a STi5.

Like others, the cmd window needed to be open and running ‘node .’ all the time for the alarm extension to be seen in Roon. Obviously, it wouldn’t be practical to operate in this manner all the time, but is fine for testing purposes. (I’m not that proficient with Linux, so prefer not to mess with the STi5 at the moment)

Is there any impact on Roon performance (or other devices/network) from continually having the ping commands running? Is this a typical design approach for these type of extensions?

thanks again, and keep up the good work