Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

(Adam Goodfellow) #183

OK - thanks - got the logs.


Thanks…updated to most recent version and now everything works. Although the delay say when I press pause is longer than which I hit pause on my iPad. Is that a network delay issue or some type of software emulation of the Roku causing the delays?

(Adam Goodfellow) #185

I don’t notice any extra delay here relative to harmony directly controlling anything, though of course the button press does have to travel through several device before it reaches Roon (remote -> harmony -> roku -> Roon). I do often find Harmony itself can be a bit variable at times.

How long is the delay?


Sorry, the delay is due to the buffering in HQPlayer and not from this awesome extension!

(simon arnold) #187

Hi @Adam_Goodfellow was wondering if you have managed to find out what my issue might be with not seeing the External controls?


@Adam_Goodfellow loving your extension man. It’s working flawlessly on my RPi. Really like the update option as well, well worth the donation!!

(simon arnold) #189

@Adam_Goodfellow managed to get it to work. Had to run a much earlier extension than 2.1.0:243 and then updated it to lasted .251 and it now works.So something must be up with the docker for .243

(Adam Goodfellow) #190

Sorry - been away for a few days - sick very old mum.

@simon_arnold - great to hear you have it working. I did notice something a bit odd in your old config, but applying the same here didn’t not cause the issue you have experienced, so still no idea what caused it.

(simon arnold) #191

Sorry to hear about you Mum. Yeah it’s very odd. Hopefully now it will stay working .

(simon arnold) #192

Well its not all plain sailing. I cant seem to setup the 2nd Harmony now it stops the whole thing from working. @Adam_Goodfellow what am I missing here?

(Adam Goodfellow) #193

What exactly happens when you configure the second Harmony?

Can you send me your logs again - I want to see if the same oddity is still present, and also what the capture of you configuring the second Harmony to see what happens.



(simon arnold) #194

When I set the second harmony to control my Naim Uniti Atom and press save the extension no longer works on the first harmony or the second one. External source control disappears, and the Deep Harmony Volume control is missing and I am left with it on blank for the endpoint it was working on prior to this. Restarting the extension makes no difference. If I then disable the second harmony and restart extension the first Harmony’s settings return, External Source controls return and so does the volume control.

I’ll send you logs tonight when I’m back home.

(Adam Goodfellow) #195

Thanks for that explanation. I’ll look over the logs when you can send them. when you say External source control disappears do you mean that the controls disappear or that the Add source control section in Roon settings disappears?


(simon arnold) #196

Add source control disappears completely and the additional settings Deep Harmony creates in the devices Volume Control also disappears.

(Adam Goodfellow) #197

OK thanks for that clarification.

(simon arnold) #198

Logs sent to pm

(Adam Goodfellow) #199

Deep Harmony 2.1.4 Released

This should already indicated as an available update. As this appears to fix the issues that @simon_arnold was experiencing and includes some cleanup of historic issues that have crept into settings for some people, then this means I can start to again look at some other planned features including those requested here.

Change History



  • Fixed issues with applying settings that could sometimes result in all controls being removed (causing Add Source Control to not appear).
  • Attempt to block bad SSDP responses that could result in undefined hub (underlying cause unknown).
  • Added settings cleaner during startup to remove known invalid keys (including undefined hub).



  • Fixed corrupt extension status web link.
  • Add ToC to readme.



  • Update to latest Roon SDK (1.2.1) modules to pick up bug-fix.
  • Add Roon pairing reset option.

Note, I am following a release pattern of only updating the docker images around significant releases, so only the console apps are updated in this release. The existing docker images can self update to this release.

(Larry Post) #200

Thanks, cleared up my phantom extension entries.

(Adam Goodfellow) #201

Great - it was your logs that showed the need for some cleanup :slight_smile:

(Jeffrey Robbins) #202

Hi all. I am having a problem setting up the extension. I actually put my question up in support, but it probably should have been here! So, here’s the link. I appreciate the help. Thanks. JCR

Update: my MQA endpoint for the rpi3 on which I installed Docker and the Deep Harmony extension has reappeared on its own on my network. That indeed was the issue, as the extension now appears in Roon as expected.

What happened to my extensions?