Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

(Adam Goodfellow) #223

2.1.5 Released


  • Added heap usage debugging to logs.
  • Some very minor speculative fixes.

(Adam Goodfellow) #224

Thanks. There was nothing in them to help see what may cause memory to be consumed. I have updated the release to at least report on memory usage to see if that shows anything.

If it doesn’t then maybe the short term answer will be to force an overnight restart if memory use exceeds some threshold.

(simon arnold) #225

Ok, thanks for looking. I’ll update and send through ifnit happens again.


Thank You very much for this really helpful and nice app.

Please have a look on the screenshot. What’s going wrong here? It is possible that I installed it twice? How could I delete the second installation? I run Ubuntu Server on a Intel NUC i5.


(Adam Goodfellow) #227

Is this installed in docker or directly on ubuntu with a start script?

If docker, then I guess the obvious is making sure there is only one docker container running for it. ‘’‘docker container ls’’’ should list them.


There are two docker containers listed “friendly_leavitt” (created 2 days ago) and “friendly_snyder” (created 7 days ago). I guess one of this containers (snyder?) could be deleted. How could I do that? Thanks.

Edit: Problem solved. Second docker container identified, stopped and deleted. Thanks for help.


Since some time (unsure what version introduced this bug) I have encountered a bug while using the extension. When my devices are powered down and I start playing a song in Roon the extension correctly starts all my devices. However after 1 second the song auto pauses and I have to press play again for it to actually play the music. Is there a way to fix this?

Furthermore I would like to be able to map enable/disable volume leveling to a button. Would this be possible?

Thanks in advance.

(Adam Goodfellow) #230

Hi, could you please reproduce this, then capture and email me you logs.
To capture the logs, please open the extension settings, then expand the tools section and copy the Logs URL into you browser and email me the resulting zip file. I will PM you my email address.

Re volume levelling, there is no means that I am aware of for controlling that. I agree however it would be handy and if Roon were to give access to that, I would certainly want to support it. There have also been requests to support saved DSP or at least EQ profiles and provide a means of quickly switching between them - again something I would like to be able to support, but the feature does not exist.

(simon arnold) #231

hi @Adam_Goodfellow had the extension run out of memory again. I pm’d you a link to download logs.

(Adam Goodfellow) #232


Oddly the memory use logging hasn’t appeared. Could you please open settings, tools section and then change to extension essential, save and then back to extension all and save again?

This should force re-enable the memory use logging.

Meanwhile it seems I need to have a look at the log level config to see why it didn’t automatically switch it on at start up :slight_smile:

(simon arnold) #233

resent after doing what you said although i see no extension essential. So i changed it to some other settings then put it on all. I had restarted the container since it ran out of memory so not sure if that breaks anything or not from a logs perspective,.

(Adam Goodfellow) #234

Thanks - got your memory usage logs.

Sorry - I forgot I had rename ‘essential’ to ‘recommended’.

‘All’ mode is very spammy is it includes all of Roon’s own logging as well. It is no big deal - it just consumes a little more CPU but the log system forces a limit on the maximum amount of disc space and files the log can consume, so ‘all’ mode just gets through the allowance quicker before it deletes old information.

(Adam Goodfellow) #235

How is memory usage on the last release (2.1.5+260) for those who reported issues?

I’ve just looked at my NAS and its sitting on about 55MB (after 7 days) which is actually way down from previous releases - normally it would be sitting at around 63-67, so I am wondering if some of the minor tweaks in the last update may have actually improved memory use.


In last 21 days memory has gone from c. 50mb up to 90mb, which I think is an improvement

(simon arnold) #237

Mine was over 120mb in resident is that the one I should look at, before I just restarted it, now it says roon-extension-deep-harmony:memory Memory usage - resident set size: 56MB, heap used: 22MB, heap total: 27MB, external: 0MB +6s

(Adam Goodfellow) #238

Yes - resident.


(simon arnold) #239

Just got another out of memory warning about the extension. Its only been running since the weekend. What can I do here @Adam_Goodfellow?

(Adam Goodfellow) #240

Please send me logs again if you don’t mind.

(simon arnold) #241

semt you them

(Larry Post) #242


Thanks for writing the extension. It’s been running perfectly for me for 3 weeks or so. So well that I’ve nearly forgotten it’s there quietly waiting to bow to my will.