Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

(simon arnold) #263

Mines bust too with the latest firmware on the hub.

(Adam Goodfellow) #264

I have not had a chance to fully look at the implications of this harmony firmware update yet to say for sure what the full expected impact is.

Hopefully I’ll get home early enough for a tinker this evening.

(Adam Goodfellow) #265

OK, I suspect this update my only be rolled out in the US so far - can you confirm if this is the case? Any Europeans suffering from this?

My Harmony app seems to have no interest in doing an update to the hub (in UK) despite eventually appearing to go through the checking firmware process, so of course I cant reproduce and thus not attempt any work arounds assuming there is any API left at all.

Access to any online features in harmony (ie anything that requires account connection) seems to be very slow and/or non functional right now for me. It took half a dozen attempt to just get it to connect online.

Found some more info here:

(Adam Goodfellow) #266

Another update:

It looks like I can probably switch to communicating with hubs in a different way, however it is not documented at all by anyone yet as far as I can tell, so will be a reverse engineering job - however it looks hopeful in that I have at least managed to open a connection and get some info out of harmony.

In the mean time, if you can avoid letting harmony update the firmware, then that will allow it to function with existing code. For those who have already had the firmware update, it does seem there may be a way to revert (to 4.15.201) if you want to.

I can’t say how long it will take to implement a new protocol as it is literally about 5 minutes since I started digging into it, however it should be a lot easier to implement than the original, and may eventually provide easier remote setup as well; time will tell.

I will post another update once I know more and have a sense of how much effort is required.


Hi Adam I am in the UK, so not just US I”m afraid

(Adam Goodfellow) #268

OK - maybe they are doing the updates in batches, though I guess we can always hope they changed their mind.

(Dan Crane) #269

Not good news…

"Yesterday, Logitech removed API access for its Harmony suite without notice to its users.

Today, the company issued a statement under the guise of security while blaming power users for using this “undocumented” means of access. This is PR and nothing more. They have no plans to re-enable API access either.

I already rebutted over Twitter. Needs to be more outlash and media coverage if it has a chance of being restored. This is the Link hub all over again."

(Michael) #270

Maybe now the time has come to have closer look to Neeo

(Larry Post) #271

I don’t see any Roon integration listed for Neeo. I’ve blocked my Hub from accessing the internet to prevent the FW update.

(A.) #272

Another victim of the firmware update… in France.

Bummer !

Edit : Made a rollback to 4.15.193 as explained here and extension alive again…

(simon arnold) #273

No it got rolled out here to, mines borked. Its also having issues connecting from its own app to.

(Adam Goodfellow) #274

I would be interested to know if neeo has any kind of API.

In the mean time, currently I have a working harmony protocol implementation against a hub with 206 firmware in it and now integrating it into the Deep Harmony extension.

Hopefully I should be able to make a 206 firmware compatible release on Friday or over the weekend.

(Adam Hafner) #275

Another user affected here. So cool to see such a quick turnaround from a developer. Great Job!

On Logitech’s deal here…

Feels like a legal issue here. Just dont think they would drop the hammer like this unless they HAD to.

(simon arnold) #276

Hmm this latest Logitech update is not working great overall. My Harmony could not operate my TV this morning as its over IP. All the ir stuff was ok just wouldnt do anything to the TV. I noticed my remote updated last night to.

(Adam Goodfellow) #277

I have been having some issues with it (Harmony on its own, not the extension update).

Are you finding it seems to ignore everything for a minute or so at times?

(simon arnold) #278

Yep. it just sits there does nothing then springs to life. They really dropped the ball with this one.


This drop in connection to the remote has long been a problem for me, even with previous firmwares. I think the hub randomly loses connection to the network and takes a while to reset/reboot itself.

I even tried a new hub, but had the same problem. Therefore, I think it is either an inherent issue with my wireless network (not that anything else seems to struggle) or a product flaw introduced in a previous firmware.

(Larry Post) #280

That sounds like a weak wireless signal symptom.

(simon arnold) #281

If your loosing connection that sounds like a WiFi issue. In my case its not loosing connection it’s just got awful lag but only for the devices that connected over ip the ir stuff is fine from the hub. It was fine before the update.


Update from Logitech on the API ‘issue’: