Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony


I have now followed the instructions in the link and the extension is now working again!:grinning::grinning:


How did you manage to get the extension working again? I succesfully updated the Hub as per instruction that you linked. But the extension simply does not recognise my harmony hub.

EDIT Never mind in magically appeared after 10 minutes or so.

(simon arnold) #285

Worked for me :slight_smile: thanks @Stampie

(Jeroen Top) #286

Hi all,

Really looking forward to use this extension.
Installation in docker (Synology) went well and Roon recognizes the extension. But Roon does not see my Harmony Hub.

I looked at the settings as far as I could find them and I see it is running connected to the (docker network) bridge as opposed to the (docker network) host. The bridges IP-address is which I cannot connect to from my browser (so I have no access to the logs as well).
I tried to connect the Container to the docker network host but I could not get that to work.

(I have rebooted the Hub and my Synology and waited long)

Do you have any advice for me? Tx, KR Jeroen

(Adam Goodfellow) #287

If your Harmony Hub has firmware 4.15.206 in it, then currently it wont work as Logitech just removed access to the API it was using earlier this week.

I am working on new release to move to a new API, however Christmas is getting in the way - strangely my other half wants to go shopping :scream:

In the mean time - see @Stampie post Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

That describe how to install hub firmware 4.15.210 from Logitech to re-enable the API.

(Jeroen Top) #288

Thanks Adam,

Excellent timing to join in this week :slight_smile:
Indeed 4.15.206. I think I will wait for your more permanent solution.
Enjoy shopping!!!

KR, Jeroen

(BTW if my wife goes shopping we agreed it is best for the both of us and our relationship if I would not join her and have some time doing semi technical stuff)

(Adam Goodfellow) #289

Lucky you - my idea of shopping involves comforts of home, a beer and a laptop - not fighting my way through a riot zone :wink:


Hi, is there a way to turn on a device via harmony IR when Roon plans to a particular zone? And then turn off the device once music stops playing?

Thanks you!

(R. Neal) #291

This looks like a pretty great extension. Before I jump through all the hoops to implement it, maybe someone can explain the benefit.

I have the Harmony Hub plus remote. Roon endpoint/control runs on an Intel PC. Harmony is setup with a Windows PC via virtual Bluetooth keyboard.

The Harmony remote can pause, play, skip next/back and control volume of the amp included in the activity. All that can also be controlled via Alexa and Google Home voice commands. I’ve also assigned at least one Roon keyboard shortcut to a Harmony remote button.

What else does this extension do that might be of interest?

(simon arnold) #292

It will turn on the device as part of the activity the extension runs when you hit play on the zone. It will only turn off if you turn off the activity not by switching zones. Harmony does not work any other way.

(simon arnold) #293

It allows the harmony activity to be triggered by Roon remote. So you hit play on the zone with the extension linked it will trigger the activity and play your music turn everything on. You can also control the volume off the amp from Roons remote volume. It stops you having to use the harmony remote at all during Roon sessions but have full control of the audio chain.

(Adam Goodfellow) #294

If you transfer between zones and both zones are associated with a different activity, then it will switch activities during the zone transfer.

(Adam Goodfellow) #295

As Simon has mentioned (thanks @simon_arnold), plus it also provides basic control of Roon transport if you want that, though if you have already set that up via BT keyboard and shortcuts, then you probably wont need that, however the included remote control functionality does not need a UI app to be running, so is more useful for people who are running Roon on a dedicated Roon server or a NAS and thus may not always have a UI running on a specific computer.

(simon arnold) #296

Mine are on different hubs though how would that work?


Hi, I feel so silly asking, but is there a setting to turn on my equipment? When I press play in Roon, it does not “run” my harmony activity in the sense that my equipment is turned on in the same way that pressing the activity in the harmony remote turns on my equipment. However, I know the extension is working because i’m setup when I press pause on the harmony remote, Roon pauses and that is working. Thank you!

(simon arnold) #298

Did you set it up following the instructions on the git page? You need to assign the activity you normally use to the extension and the endpoint it controls.

(Adam Goodfellow) #299

One associated activity will be switched off, the other will be switched on. Doesnt care what hub they are on - for eg, if you have a hub stairs and another in the living room and you transfer from living to bedroom or whatever, then living room will be turned off, and bedroom would be turned on.

Just needs the right activities associated with the zone.

(Adam Goodfellow) #300

Hi, temporarily (until I release an update for the new harmony firmware), you will need to follow the instructions posted further up by @Stampie for enabling harmony firmware 4.15.210.

(R. Neal) #301

Thanks. Now I get it. Will take a closer look .


Yes, I have updated my hub with the API enabled firmware, but pressing play does not turn on my equipment like it does when I select the activity from the Harmony remote. However, things like next track, and pause work. Thanks, Hammer