Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

(Larry Post) #303

Hi Adam,

I’m running just fine with the interim firmware, 4.15.210, but wondering if you’ve had a chance to make progress on the new version that leverages the supported API?

(Yeang Chng) #304

Hi Adam,

Amazing extension - I just got it up and running per your detailed instructions on the github site. Thank you and I will be donating soon.

Quick question. I am using Lubak’s Apple Watch Harmony app to connect to Deep Harmony via my Apple Watch ( like I think you do; saw you mention that elsewhere).

The Play/Pause and volume buttons/watch crown control work great. But I can’t seem to get the next track/prev track buttons working on the watch - they are greyed out no matter what I do.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for an amazing extension!!!

(Adam Goodfellow) #305

Hi all, sorry I have been away for a couple of weeks, so not much progress on anything.

Re watch app - I am not currently using the Logitech dev firmware and still on 206 in order to force myself to get the new protocol finished - so that is not working at all for me :slight_smile:

Re new protocol implementation - that is done - still in process of integrating it and tidying up.