Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

(Larry Post) #303

Hi Adam,

I’m running just fine with the interim firmware, 4.15.210, but wondering if you’ve had a chance to make progress on the new version that leverages the supported API?

(Yeang Chng) #304

Hi Adam,

Amazing extension - I just got it up and running per your detailed instructions on the github site. Thank you and I will be donating soon.

Quick question. I am using Lubak’s Apple Watch Harmony app to connect to Deep Harmony via my Apple Watch ( like I think you do; saw you mention that elsewhere).

The Play/Pause and volume buttons/watch crown control work great. But I can’t seem to get the next track/prev track buttons working on the watch - they are greyed out no matter what I do.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for an amazing extension!!!

(Adam Goodfellow) #305

Hi all, sorry I have been away for a couple of weeks, so not much progress on anything.

Re watch app - I am not currently using the Logitech dev firmware and still on 206 in order to force myself to get the new protocol finished - so that is not working at all for me :slight_smile:

Re new protocol implementation - that is done - still in process of integrating it and tidying up.

(Marc Abis) #306

I currently have an activity for turning on my raspberry pi which is currently a kodi and roon bridge setup. How would I use this to run that activity when I have roon output to that bridge? I have this all installed and roon sees deep harmony and I added the device to my hub.

(simon arnold) #307

Follow the process on the git page for the extension it give you full instructions on how to set it up and configure it.

(Mark Goodwin) #308

Great Extension, however since 1.6 rollout of ROON the Skip Forwards Button is not working on the Harmony Remote or Harmony Setup App? The Skip Backwards button is however still working. Would love to get this resolved as remote control allowing skip forwards is great for playlist and ROON Remote control. Many thanks

(Larry Post) #309

Skip forward still works for me with 1.6. Do you have Seek/Skip Track function set to ‘Dual Buttons’?

(Mark Goodwin) #310

Thanks for your feedback. Have it sorted now after some troubleshooting. It was resolved when I stopped and re-ran the dockers container. Now have skip forwards and all back to normal


How do I successfully setup fast forward/rewind with this extension? I use an Auralic Aries G1, and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work during Roon playback.

(David Ellis) #312

Is there anyway to get the Roon app to just control the harmony volume?

(Larry Post) #313

Check that your Harmony Activity for the Auralic is set to use source control and you may have to change seek/skip track function.

(Larry Post) #314

Harmony doesn’t have a volume. The extension will only control the volume of a device that is setup in an activity in the Harmony setup.

(David Ellis) #315

To clarify, is there a plugin for the Roon app that can talk to harmony and get it to change the volume on the current activity?

(simon arnold) #316

This extension will allow this. My example setup:

Bluesound Node 2 Roon Ready using DAC output to QAcoustics Active Speakers.

Harmony controls all of Roon, powers on speakers and controls the volume of the speakers and maps it the Roon volume control in th app.

You just have to configure it correctly in the extension setup and device control in Roon. Its easy to do.

In my other setup I just had a Naim Atom, this is Roon Ready Amp and Roon can control the device volume. The Atom does not have ir its zigbee so the extension is basically just mapping Roon control to the harmony remote so it controls all the device playback and volume but its using Device Volume as it would in the app

(Larry Post) #317

Yes, this extension allows Harmony and Roon to communicate. Have you installed and set it up per the instructions? Every step is important. Let us know if/when you get stuck, between all those running it successfully we can get you going.

It’s a bit to wrap your head around until you get it loaded and dive into the settings…

(JohnV) #318

Just decided to give this a go. Scanned the instructions, but did not see any recommendations about the OS (sorry, RPi/Linux user).

My only experience has been Ropieee, so this is virgin territory for me. Rasbian OK?


@John_V you can check this link to see how you need to configure the extension on a RPi. It involves installing docker.

(JohnV) #320

Thanks Anthro. The instructions don’t include a recommendation for the RPi OS. To me, they are just names: Debian, Rasbian, et al.

Any reason to prefer one over the other?

(Jan Koudijs) #321

You might consider DietPi, you can install Docker via the dietpi-software tool.


The default OS for RPi is Rasbian. Current latest release version of Rasbian is Stretch.