Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

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I could but hate the bloody thing.


Hi, was wondering if someone can help me…I have the extension installed and Roon sees it. I have settings set to the right harmonyhub and the right activity. I am using remote ID 1. Is that all I need to do? I can not control pause/skip etc with my remote. I have a harmony one remote, do I need to also program these keys in the harmony app? What device would I add in order to do so? Thanks!

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Did you read the full instructions on how to configure it? Read the instructions here

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@Adam_Goodfellow this appears to have stopped working with the new Roon core update this week. I can no longer see the Allow Source Control n my endpoints. Not sure if its the extension or the latest Roon server.

(Adam Goodfellow) #147

Hi, Simon, what platform is your core running on?
Also sent you PM for logs.

(Adam Goodfellow) #148

Is anyone else having issues with controls? If so what platform are you running the core on? Might be also useful to know if anyone else not having any issues.

I have build 354 on my QNAP NAS and have no problems.

(simon arnold) #149

Core running on ROCK. I think this is related to the latest update as it was fine until then. Other extensions also seem to be a bit flakey and crash a lot. Others have also had issues with different extensions and not one of my sources now shows the Allow Source Control option. I will send logs when I am back home tonight.

(Adam Goodfellow) #150

Odd - then you will be running the same Linux x64 build as me. The only difference is mine is wrapped as a QPKG for easy install on my NAS.

What are you running the extension on? Have you tried restarting the extension? It is possible that mine is OK because I often have to stop my release install of the extension to switch over to using a dev version.

(simon arnold) #151

Qnap TS 453 pro NAS with latest QTS os

(simon arnold) #152

I am puzzled as to why the source control box has disappeared completely from the UI.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #153

Just adding the data point that all is fine on my install (Deep Harmony and Roon Server running in seperate containers on Synology):

(Adam Goodfellow) #154

I have Alexa controlling Harmony here. The extension will track activity changes regardless of where they come from (Harmony app, remote, Alexa, Smartthings, IFTTT or whatever). Likewise it doesnt care where volume control comes from as either that is done independent of the extension, or the extension is the device being controlled. The only annoying bit can be getting Harmony to control the correct device with volume control when there are multiple options (amp, AVR, roon device etc) as this is independent of what you program buttons to do on their remote.

(Adam Goodfellow) #155

OK - then we are definitely running the same setup. To confirm, you mean the ‘Add external Source Control’ is missing along with indication of what is currently added? Sometimes you need to scroll down to see it.

Or, do you mean that the ‘Use source control’ [Yes/No] is not being shown next to Harmony activities in the extension settings?

(simon arnold) #156

Add External source control in the audio settings for all endpoints is not there, it was before the update.

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Apparently there is an update to the Extension API according to another extension dev @spockfish so perhaps that’s it.

(Adam Goodfellow) #158

Deep Harmony 2.1.1 released.

This is a very minor update to include the latest SDK (one of the significant changes was a fix that was already in Deep Harmony since 2.1, so no need for further change and ths update just means I can switch back to the official SDK again).

See this post for how to update. Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

I do not expect this will resolve missing Add Source Control, but you never know :slight_smile:

BTW - manually restarting the extension (docker restart, or manually killing and restarting the process) will force an update check immediately. Otherwise it checks about once an hour.


(Adam Goodfellow) #159

@simon_arnold - it may be worth trying Load Defaults (button in bottom left of device setup) on the affected devices than reselecting the required source and volume controls (and MQA mode if required).

This is what I do whenever I find any issue with devices regardless of whether an extension is involved or not. It also seems to be the best way to clear out any hanging extension info from any other extension or versions - there was a significant transition in how controls were managed for v2.1.

(simon arnold) #160

Down that already. But will try again.

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Ok just updating wouldn’t work ti wouldn’t do anything at all so. I had to uninstall it in container station, reinstall fresh version from the docker hub and then use the updater in the the extension. It now works brilliantly. Thanks Adam. Let me know how I can give a donation.

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@Adam_Goodfellow got a feature request to consider when you get chance, It would be good for it to have a delay on playing back until the Harmony activity is fully completed as its just missing the first few seconds of the song if you start from it all being off. Or would adding a delay to my activity help?