Roon Extension : RHEOS 2-way control & 192Hz/24bit Playback and Grouping on Denon/Marantz HEOS devices now in Extension Manager

Oh @Frucoboti :sob:,
just test Roon and dig deep into it!

Enjoy the stories about the artists and their albums, use the cross references to discover new music, enjoy karaoke with the lyrics Roon provides, discover the abilities you have with Roon DSP and all the Roon extensions. In Any case you also must get a trail of Qobuz or Tidal instead of Spotify to make full use of Roon.

And then please come back and revise your statement :smiley:

Best DrCWO

Good to hear it’s working.

Album art and other metadata will never show in the HEOS now playing screen.

That’s a HEOS deficiency rather than ROON :frowning:

I use the Roon Display to a Chromecast hooked into my TV if I want a display - way better! (You could also connect to your TV’s browser or plug the Chromecast into the Marantz HDMI and configure audio out to be separate from the TV display - I think.)

Have you found the Displays under Settings → Displays?

Here’s some help:

And this is what you will see on the screen :


Volumio isn’t bad but really doesn’t compare to ROON once you explore all the possibilities (Disclaimer : This is my own opinion. I have no financial or other relationship with ROON). Enjoy your Trial!).

RHEOS becomes even better if you have a collection of players. The multizone grouping is very useful if you ever choose a portable speaker or another room with a Denon/Marantz amp.

And please remember RHEOS (and ROON EXTENSION-MANGER) are FREE and OPEN-SOURCE You can run them on virtually any Linux box (I run mine on various models but I have the ROON server and RHEOS installed together on one NUC and this is a really nice set up.) (Sorry Dr. CWO).


Bless you Sir, thank you so much for your efforts, I have had a look and alas I don’t think this is something I can implement. I have the Marantz NR1200 AMP. It has Heos, But everything I have is Mac…

Ah - it won’t work with the extensions manager but there is a way the binaries may be compiled for a Mac - but you would be the “tester” as I have no access.

If you are interested pm me and we can discuss how I nay be able to explore this for you.


As I said, I am currently now subscriber to Qobuz, Tidal Hi-Fi Plus, Apple Music and Spotify. So I can play from different sources. So testing now Roon with Qobuz and Tidal.
Why? because I can stream to my Marantz with HEOS APP from Tidal, but no way from Qobuz (or use Audirvana from the iMac)
I have seen that Roon supports streaming radio stations, but, with MP3 quality??? but no Spotify?? because it’s low fi? I don’t understand…

Then why Audirvana can show the cover, artist, song, and remaining time? I suppose (but I don’t know if it is true) that uses HEOS to stream to Marantz…

No, but I have purchased the TV:Remote Apple TV app

Continuing testing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I stream from Quobuz and Tidal to HEOS using RHEOS.

One of the main advantages. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting - seems on some of my players I get album art and metadata on the HEOS app.

I’ll have to explore how but its not something I know how to do as of now .


I can test on my device if you want to try something for a new release or beta

It will take me a while - if I even think it’s useful. I don’t use the Heos app much at all - ROON controls what I need with RHEOS.

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@peter_richardson, thank you very much for this nice extension. After overcoming the first hurdles which you solved quickly for me, it powers my soundbar which now sounds very much better than with Airplay.

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@peter_richardson - for the docker install, is there a volume mapping available so the settings can be exposed in the docker host for a backup process to save across updates (docker refresh) or is it not a big deal (I tested a forced reset of the docker image and all the devices showed up again, however, the quality defaulted back to CD-Quality ) [yeah, I know, first world problems having to change a handful of devices to hi-res :slight_smile: ]

BTW everyone, I have been using this tool for well over 2 months - hands down, best app ever to get the heos ecosystem to be hi-res!

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Hi Patrick,

Already done - the first time you change to use the Roon-Extension-Manager rather than the previous files you need to reset the config.

After that the config will persist after any updates you shouldn’t have to go back to settings.

Great to hear it is working well.


Thanks for the feedback.

My word Peter, what an amazing extension for Roon and Marantz you have developed!

All your help has been legendary, and all working good on my mac!
Volume control stopped working on Roon to Marantz, reset, rebooted and all ok again, but loving it so far!

Many many thanks for this! You’re a genius!

Glad its working so well. Watch for updates and let me know of any bugs that I need to squash please.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season.


I’m having trouble with dicovery unfortunately.

I’ve got this extension running both on a Synology Diskstation (using Docker) and on Windows 11 (gh install, running within Node). For the former the Roon core is running on the Diskstation, for the latter it’s running on Windows. I don’t have them running in both places at once.

Unfortunately neither installation is able to find my Marantz SR7012. I have it in HEOS mode, it’s on the same subnet, I just have the usual firewalls (e.g. Windows Firewall) and have allowed access. I’ve enabled Squeezebox support. Everything uses a wired connection and the AVR is signed into my HEOS account. The HEOS app and BubbleUPnP can find it and play through it.

The extension runs ok, it just can’t find any HEOS devices. I’ve added the IP of the AVR and also of the host, didn’t help. I just get “HEOS connection failed”.

I’ve not seen anyone else having trouble. I’m reasonably savvy but I’m pretty much out of things to try. Part of me thinks my Netgear Orbi might be to blame, but BubbleUPnP works.

Any ideas what I might have missed?

Sorry you are having trouble.

Which version are you using.

I recently made changes to the windows version that you can install from GitHub v 0,6.1

The docker images are still 0.5 and I am not updating until I have done more testing .

I’d be happy ti try and track this down if you are willing to share some log files with me.

If you can access .RHEOS/UPnP/bin and any .log files that are there on both iit may give me some insight.

You can pm them to me and I’ll help you investigate.


Thanks for the quick reply Peter. I can’t see a way to PM you, perhaps because I’m a n00b. However there’s nothing in the logs I’ve found that’s sensitive.

For the Windows installation (which is the latest version) there are no log files. The command window just says:
STARTING UP - WINDOWS,Windows_NT,desktop-sean,win32,x64
:warning: Heos Connection failed
:warning: Heos Connection failed

On the NAS the log for the docker image says “,Linux,rheos-roon-extension-rheos2,linux,x64” and then a bunch of “HEOS connection failed” messages. It’s the docker image taken yesterday from Docker

Please let me know if there’s something else I should look at or if there’s a way to enable logging.

Thanks for the help, your extension is the difference between me using Roon or sticking with the clunky (to me) BubbleUPnP UI.

I’d assumed it was the dsicovery that was failing but no, this was in the config.json:

"players": [
        "name": "Marantz SR7012",
        "pid": 601537485,
        "model": "Marantz SR7012",
        "version": "2.71.510",
        "ip": "",
        "network": "wired",
        "lineout": 0,
        "serial": "AVH12171102390"

That info’s correct, or at least the fields I can verify.