Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0

Thank you for explaining about Tags. I understand that i cannot add Tags from the “Web Controller” level?

I also understand the limitations of the Roon API. So adding a button “Last Added” in the Library is impossible because of the API restriction?
Thank you very much for the explanation. robert

Everything that can be implemented with the library is already implemented.

The library part of the API is read only, so you can’t modify tags using the API. And adding any addition sorting options is beyond what can be done with the current API.

Hello Mike
Is it possible with the next version of the Web controller to describe the play pause button so that it shows whether the music is currently pushed or played?
It would make things much easier for me when I don’t know what the reason is that the music is not playing.
And two more small requests.
Description of the “search” button in the library. This is not a big problem because it is the only unsigned button.

The second thing is to move the time counter and information away from each other how long the song is because currently my screenreader reads it as: 1: 335: 20. It’s difficult to know because the screenreader interprets it as one value and reads it as one number.

I have one more question about displaying the artist on the Now playing screen. Web Controller Sometimes displays the artist to me twice, with the second occurrence of the artist’s name being stuck together with the first As is the case with the time counter and the duration of the song. I think the files have been tagged exemplarily and this is not due to the artist’s double tag.
Thank you very much for your help and work put into the development of the Web Controller.
Regards Robert Tota

Hi Mike,
Please update the Zone List button to read the name of the zone selectet. For me it is better to know what is selectet Best Regards Robert
to show the value of it.

Hi Mike,
Does this mean that it is possible to add sorting of recently added records to the Roon database or sort albums by release date in the artist’s discography order?
Regards Robert Tota

Hi @Mike_Plugge,

I have installed the Roon Web Control on my Ubuntu Server via github. It went fine and I like the extension very much. I created with the help of systemd an init process so that the extension could work in the background. Now my question, it is a normal behaviour that I have to enable the extension in Roon after each stop of Roonserver? I think something could went wrong here. Unfortunately I am not a Linux pro…any help is appreciated.

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Hello, is there any news regarding the new version of Web Controller supporting Quee?
Does the current Roon API allow to add the rewind and fast forward function of the currently playing song?
Regards Robert

Will Roon WEB Controller work properly with the latest version of Roon v1.7?
Does the Roon v1.7 API add possibility to enable new options for Roon Web Controller?
Regards Robert

The small amount of use so far things are working fine with Roon 1.7.

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The API rarely changes. The last time it changed was between major releases.

So any extension - including this one - should work the same as before. And no new features in the API either…

Thank you very much for your answer. The Web Controller works and it makes me very happy.
Is there any news about the new version of Web Controller?
Best Regards Robert

I’ve just set the extension up on my QNAP. You need to set a TCP port mapping for the container in Settings/Advanced/Network. Leave the container port at 8080 and map to a free port on the QNAP ie 9099.

First of all, excellent Controller! Very pleased with it.

One question, it is shown on Chromium on a DietPi HDMI display. Is there a way to automatically show the desired Roon Source? There is no touchscreen connected to the DietPi at the moment.

The port that Web Controller listens on is configurable, either with the command line or with a configuration file. The README covers it here.

Unfortunately no, you cannot preselect a zone. The zone selection is done entirely with JavaScript on the page.

If you don’t have a touch screen, then your best bet is to attach a mouse.

If you followed these instructions (, then just remove the —nocursor option from the diet pi auto start script. This will let you see the mouse cursor.

I still use JiveLite on my Raspberrys and Squeezebox / LMS as back-end parallel to Roon.
But I’m about to switch to Roon-Web-Controller instead. I really enjoy the Roon-Web-Controller!
I have three wishes that I like better at JiveLite:

  1. Small Cover-Art in the album lists or artist list (see example of JiveLite)
  2. Clock and Date display as “Screensaver” (see example of JiveLite)
  3. Menu navigation without the intermediate step via “Now Playing” and “Library”. Either I am in “Now Playing” and want to go to “Library” or I am in “Library” and want to go to “Now Playing”. In my opinion, the intermediate step has no added value as long as

Once again, without my actions, Roon Web Controller has uninstalled itself. The previous day I turned off NUC where I have Roon Rock (latest version) installed and the Windows 10 computer where Roon Extension manager is installed. This morning, after starting up the computer where Roon Extension Manager is installed and then NUC from Roon Rock, the Web Commander page was unavailable. After checking in the native Roon Controller application by my seeing wife, it turned out that the Web Controller is not installed. After reinstallation, everything returned to normal and began to work as before. Is there any chance to detect why the Web Controller is automatically uninstalled from time to time?
Regards Robert Tota

Is it possible that the Roon Extension Manager automatically updates to the latest version, which uninstalls the installed Roon extensions?
I am writing for the version installed in Windows 10.
Regards Robert

I noticed that when I start the Web Controller for the first time in the morning, after selecting the zone and then selecting the browse library option from the menu, I usually have to refresh the browser window because the Web Controller is loading incomplete. The “Library, playlists, ect” buttons are missing. I need to refresh the browser window a second time, select the zone and again the “browse library” option. The Web Controller then loads completely and you can browse the library. I use Google Chrome on Windows 10. Can it be improved to make the Web Controller load immediately?
Regards Robert

How’s the vue.js version coming? Will this be 2.0? Any interest in some help with it?