Roon Extensions disabled?

How do I get these back to being active? They were in my extensions one day and the next day I see this.

Is the IP address of your extension manager device changing or do you have multiple Roon servers set up?
I have most of my devices set up to get reserved IP addresses and they stay enabled permenantly

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I only have one Roon server in my setup. I’m not sure about the IP address of the Pi4 which is where my extensions are located. I don’t recall if it is dynamic or fixed IP.

Stephen it is probably Dynamic, but if the IP is changing on a regular basis, it can lose it authority.
I can now see you are running RooExtend which I also use.
I recommend you going into your router and giving it a reserved address, it will be worth the effort

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This just happened to me as well. Not sure why my rooExtend Pi would acquire a new IP address - maybe if it rebooted but I don’t know why it would do that either. Hmm. Not sure what to do now.

Brian have a look at the Authorizations button at the top of the extensions page. It will tell you all the IP addresses that have connected from so you can see if anything has changed.
You should easily be able to make it a reserved IP address from your router if that is the problem.

Though I have only seen this happen once in my environment, where I have two RooExtend Pi’s and one general extension Pi for other extensions that do not run on RooExtend. I left the latest version of RooExtend running on a DHCP address and it has never had an issue so far.

Thanks! That was helpful. I fixed it.

Not sure if the good Dr. is monitoring this thread, but IMO it’d be useful if the rooextend.local web page showed the IP address it’s using.

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Good news that it got you going again.
He does monitor and reply

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Hey @Stephen_Seay,

Thanks for posting about this (quite a while back now) — apologies for getting back to you this late.

I was wondering if any of the suggestions shared here helped? We’d love to do all we can, albeit late, to help get you back on track :nerd_face:

I reinstalled the extensions on my Pi computer and it is working now.

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