Roon extremely slow this evening

For everything is a first, but tonight Roon is extremely slow. Trying to add an album from Qobuz into my library tkaes 10min and then some.

Music is playing OK, but I suppose music from Qobuz is sent directly to my streamer without going through Roon systems?

As requested by other users, I would be great if Roon would show it’s infrastructure (servers, network, databases, …) performance with a cloured bar going from red (bad performance) into yellow upto green (good performance).
I know and understand it is not fun to provide indication of problems, but I strongly believe your customer satisfaction will raise tremendously by doing so.


Is the slowness of adding Qobuz albums still happening? I’ve just tried it, and an album was added in under 5 seconds. I’m in the Netherlands (as, I think, are you).

Response time has been restored to acceptable values - indeed about 5 seconds now.
We are neighbours, I live near Antwerpen - Belgium.

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