Roon extremely slow to load and analyze itunes library!

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I have a brand new 10-core iMac Pro and Roon extremely slow loading/analyzing my 1TB itunes library. Serious CPU bottleneck and idle times. Interestingly I had no issues with my previous 2013 iMac Retina 5K w/ i7 CPU. My recollection was that it was nearly instantaneous and I was up and running in minutes. Now searching Roon is Slooooooooooowwwwww. Takes minutes to find and load albums/tracks.

What gives?


Is the system still analysing the library, spinning circle in control app. If so it will be slow until it finishes.

Yes. I just don’t remember this lengthy a delay when I originally did this with my iMac 5K. No difference in library size etc. only thing different are computers and Mojave instead of Sierra macOS…

How long? Some details would help.

Is the iTunes library still on the old iMac or did you move everything to the new iMac pro?

It’s on the same external HDD I’ve always used. It’s been 4 hrs and counting maybe 1/10th library has been analyzed. Only differences are new computer and Mojave v Sierra macOS. Thanks!

Hi @Wesley_Pruett,

Did you restore a backup on the new machine or did you start with a completely fresh database?

In Settings | Library what is your Background Audio Analysis Speed set to?

Started fresh. Speed on old machine was ‘throttled’. Started that way on new iMac pro then switched to ‘fast (10 cores)’ a little better but not by much…

Hi @Wesley_Pruett,

How many total tracks are in your library? How quickly are the tracks being analyzed now that you’re using 10 cores (rough estimate of files / hour)?

I don’t know how many per hour, but I woke up this morning and Roon had finally finished. I have no idea at what time that occurred. I have like 20k tracks so on a grand scheme not that many compared to others I am sure haha.

Hi @Wesley_Pruett,

I’m glad to hear that analysis has wrapped up. Now that it’s finished I imagine things should work well for you from here, but if you experience any other issues please let us know!

Is this a common issue or complaint? Seems like I’ve seen it posted here before but never really see a good explanation as to why it’s the case…

Roon can take awhile doing the audio analysis. The speed depends on a number of factors that can vary between users, number of cores used, the computer doing other tasks, are the files local or network, are the files stored on SSD or spinning disks, etc.

Even so, the process is not just track identification, that part is pretty quick, it is also doing Audio Analysis and going through for every track and determining each track’s Dynamic Range which means processing the audio for every track. This can take a long time, days for some people. It can be mitigated somewhat by just running the analysis while the system is not being used and then stopping analysis when the system is used for playback, or by adding more cores, or by just turning Audio Analysis off if you don’t care about Dynamic Range and Auto-Leveling (where the dynamic range is used).

This is actually the most informative response of the entire post. Thank you!

There’s also the article in the Knowledge Base on Audio Analysis…

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