Roon Failed in a New Way

I pushed a song over Spotify to my Apple TV, then realized I had several related songs on my NAS. Started up Roon and “No Audio Devices” found. Stopped and restarted all my gear [Oppo 203; Pio SC-95] nope, still no audio devices found. Stopped and restarted Roon on my NAS: no joy.

So I’m sitting here waiting for my NAS to reboot hoping that fixes it. Anyone feel this is a “fragile” piece of software? Sigh…

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I often find that random devices, for unknown reasons, will disappear from the device selection dropdown menu. I then have to go to settings/audio and re-enable them. On rarer occasions a core device restart (reboot) is required to make the devices visible (in settings/audio).

It can be a nuisance but I have just put up with the problem as it’s difficult to repeat for fault diagnosis.

Working again:

  1. Rebooted NAS - no effect
  2. Unplugged Apple TV, then unplugged OPPO 203 and plugged it back in.

Now the OPPO appears on the list of audio devices and it works.

No idea what the software issue was, but it’s not the first time my Apple TV disrupted all network activity. But why it actually blocked Roon from seeing the OPPO? Sigh…

Apple bonjour floods the network with multicast messages so it’s not unreasonable to think it could cause issues for Roon (which in itself doesn’t do multicast very well and is heavy on mDNS)

Could anything else see the OPPO? Could Roon find other devices?

Chances are the ATV broke the oppo and it stopped responding to our discovery packets.

I regularly have this issue with Roon bridge sitting on my win10 PC.
My PC (Wired) and Rock core (Wired) sit on the same Orbi master base.

Sometimes rebooting the core and PC does nothing to fix the issue, the Bridge endpoint still doesn’t appear in audio settings.

To remedy the situation, I need to delete the Roon bridge software and reinstall.

Tends to happen after using the PC for Youtube, Qobuz native app, etc.

I have checked the firewall settings when in fault, and all Roon requirements are enabled.

If rebooting the windows machine doesnt help but reinstalling roon bridge does, then you should try shutting down roon bridge and restarting it. Roon Bridge does not have any “state” it saves, so reinstalling does very little (other than restarting it) unless the software itself is being corrupted by some other thing on your machine (antivirus?).

Thanks Danny, Stopping and restarting the bridge app is the first thing I do. This doesn’t work.

I don’t have anti virus software installed.

Yes, the OPPOO was otherwise visible - my receiver was set to that input and my TV screen [receiver output] was showing the OPPO home screen.

Actually, after the NAS reboot but before power cycling the OPPO and Apple TV it did get back to a point where it was showing the AppleTV and my PC as audio zones, but not the OPPO.

TBH, I’m not sure if the problem was the AppleTV or the OPPO. The OPPO clearly was not responding but that could be either due to the AppleTV blocking/not relinquishing control or the OPPO not correctly reacting.

Apple bonjour floods the network with multicast messages so it’s not unreasonable to think it could cause issues for Roon

I wish there was a way to turn everything Apple related off on my network. I have no Apple/Roon issues, but whenever my father in law’s iPhone enters my house, my PowerNode gets renamed, causing everything to break. He does zero music streaming or anything like that, but is quite the “push all the buttons until it works” kind of guy so I’m sure he activated something while trying to pair bluetooth headphones or something.