Roon failing to start / Win10

On Windows 10, Roon launches, shows gray startup screen (with quotation form musician), then goes away. Poof!

In Task Mgr, I see the process for a few seconds before Poof, the ‘Status’ column momentarily reads Suspended.

As ever, I’m glad to have this community to turn to - what can I do w/ logs to try and suss this out?

occurs to me that for a few days I’ve been having a hard time getting Adobe software to get along w my NVIDIA GPU - in this instance I get the same response whether I’m asking Roon (via NVIDIA control panel) to launch w integrated GPU or NVIDIA card - but maybe that’s pertinent

Hi, has this worked in the past or is it a new install? What kind of hardware are you running?

It sounds like he is using some type of laptop with an intergrated NVIDIA card. My first suggestion is to update all the drivers from the manufacturers, including NVIDIA.

Thanks, guys, for your interest. I didn’t make the connection at first (because I’m a knucklehead), but this indeed clearly has somehting to do with my GPU trauma. I’ve been updating / erasing / reinstalling NVIDIA drivers right and left, and while I’m not out of the woods yet, it’s clearly what’s going to permanently fix Roon’s behavior.

What is the make model number of the computer. I’ve had experience with integrated Nvidia cards

Another day of suffering has made clear: this is definitely a GPU issue. I thought I was dealing with an Adobe problem but it’s an NVIDIA problem - Roon was the canary in the coal mine.

@Rugby, it’s a Dell Inspiron 17-7778, with which I’ve been very satisfied except for this GPU issue, which is a real bear.

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The video drivers for that laptop are here:

I would completely remove all current drivers, reboot, and, then reload both drivers. Intel drivers first and then Nvidia.

Actually, more specifically, remove both drivers. Reboot, Load the intel driver, reboot. Then try Roon before loading the NVIDIA driver and see if it loads. IF it does, then continue wiht loading the NVIDIA drivers. If it doesnt, then … more diagnostics.