Roon fails again

I agree. I suspect the same thing because when searches get slow which seems to happen after the server has been up a long time, a reboot fixes it - at least for me and my setup.

Yeah this is interesting because I think when I have guests they tend to be searching for every song and it gets so slow we have to give up and go to spotify. I don’t normally do that when I’m on my own listening so it’s not as bad. I will check that out when I get my Nucleus back and see if the search behavior is similar and try with Tidal off. I never have issues searching in tidal within either the desktop or mobile app

I find this to, the more searches performed the slower the overall search performance comes. It does smell like some memory leak somewhere.

It has been better of late with the last round of back end changes they made which initially took the whole thing down for a while.

None of this is to do with local networking at all.

Wow, seems like Roon is having more issues than I expected. Honestly glad I decided to browse the forums as I am not willing to fork over a ton of money for a service that continues to have major issues for many people.

Since the forum is the main support portal there is a real tendency for it to give the impression of Roon having loads of issues, since its a one stop shop for all support questions. In reality this distorts the true picture. I wouldn’t let threads like this put you off, run the Roon trial and find out for yourself.


Issues aside, which I’m sure Roon will fix, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another lifetime license today if I didn’t already have one. I still think it’s awesome and can’t do without it.

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Going to any support forum and make your decision on that will always be a don’t buy.

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Don’t let anything on here put you off. Use it and make your own decisions.

There are over 100,000 users of Roon I believe. If Roon had major issues the forum would be flooded with thousands of complaints and Roon support would not be able to cope. Neither of these is demonstrably true as you can see for yourself.

If you are only using local music media you won’t experience these slow downs. Sign up for T or A and enjoy. It works well 90% of time. But always always seems to put the egg on your face when you go to show it off.

Local problem with system, yours system sir. Sometimes I have crash (c.a. 1 per month), but my Roon works 24/7, Ive many end-points, streamers, Chromecast & AirPlay points, Sonos devices etc. etc. all integrated & play brilliant.

I don’t have any problems with Roon in how I use it. I have a rock solid wired LAN and use WiFi with my iPad only. Searches with both a Tidal and Qobuz have been great since the latest release. Roon just works…

I run Roon on a 2013 base model MacBook Pro with a measly 4 GB of memory. I use wired internet, but its only 70 meg. For me, Roon runs quite solid. I do live in Hawaii and mostly listen to music in the evening Hawaii time. I wonder if my smooth sailing has to do with the fact that the majority of Roon users throughout the USA and Europe are asleep during my primary time of use?

I do have a Tidal subscription. When Roon incorporated it into Roon I setup a subscription. Works great btw.


Why would people lie about their networks working satisfactorily? What’s in it for them ?


Which piece are we talking about? The cloud server? Or the core. If it’s the core, and it’s not ROCK, it’d be easy enough to monitor the working set (or probably more accurately, just the total memory used) of the process.

Yeah, sounds straight forward enough.

Problem is leaks can be intermittent and then even if you know the process, it’s usually tough to track down and/or recreate.

Just speaking from experience.:wink:

Got my nucleus back and it’s all been working perfect for a whole 2 days now. I had used anything from airplay to DCS mosaic app on my DCS Rossini DAC while it was gone away for repair. The sound of the nucleus and Roon is a lot better. I sure hope the Nucleus continues to work and the motherboard failure was just a fluke. I’ll give her another chance at my next party and hope it does better.

Roon is back to running very slow again. Takes 10 or more seconds just to switch a track. Searches are slow. Def not gonna show this off to any guests until they get this sorted out.

@Ken_Lesniak – Given a roon core reboot seems to fix a slow search problem for me, I would guess a memory leak would be in the core if it exists. This is only conjecture though … so who knows…