Roon fails again

It is annoying when it happens, as it’s out of the blue. I find just a restart of Roon server from the webui clears it, you don’t have to do a full reboot. It could be a memory leak or some DNS issue as it’s having trouble talking to home when it happens. Check you logs to see if you have any entries with Roon backend and a high millisecond count. I seem to get this when it happens. It’s not the network either as everything else works fine from the same switch and the restart of just Roon sorts it.

I should note that with my Nucleus+ I never see anything as extreme as what @ryan_stratton is experiencing. My system is never slow switching a track. Over the course of many days or some weeks, search slows and a reboot fixes it. Something additional must be compounding the problem in ryan’s environment.

Good suggestion @CrystalGipsy on just restarting roon server and checking the logs. I’ll try that the next time mine slows…

I have only had troubles like this when running ROCK.

Roon under WIN10 or, heaven forbid, even under macOS was never this sort of problem.

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