Roon fails to decode jpg images sourced from apple music

Roon Core Machine

ASRock Z270M-ITX/ac
16GB Kingston 2400Mhz RAM (2x KHX2400C15D4/8G)
i5-7600T CPU @ 2.80GHz
Arch Linux 5.14.15-arch1-1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Server wired using CAT6, Netgear Gigabit Enterprise Switches
3 x Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO

Connected Audio Devices

Google Chromecast Audio
Pi4 on Ropieee > Yellowtec PUC 2 Lite > Yggdrasil
Pi4 on Ropieee > Benchmark HGC3

Number of Tracks in Library

Irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Description of Issue

When tagging albums Roon does not yet recognise I add the alums to Musicbrainz leveraging scripts that source metadata from apple music, deezer & bandcamp. Album covers are sourced by these scripts from apple music. The files are often large (3000 x 3000). 99% of the time that I add these albums to Roon it fails to display the album art.

Nothing else in my ecosystem (Linux or Windows) has any issue decoding and displaying these files - not a single app, only Roon. Instead of the image being displayed, I get this:


Links to the underlying images (even the forum software correctly decodes the 3000x3000 images if you click through):

The files are not corrupt, it’s been an ongoing issue for at least 6 months and it’s been reported previously. Perhaps it’s time to update the image libraries Roon relies on to current versions. I’d appreciate this being looked into and resolved.

How are the images available?

Embedded in the file, or as an image file in the folder?

How are they labeled? I also had problems once, they solved after reading the instructions.

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Just the same as the rest of my library… folder.jpg, located in folder, not embedded in individual files. This is a Roon software issue, not question of where or how the files are stored.

That’s for Roon to determine. Roon has the problem, nothing else does.

This answer seems too simple to me. Now, if all folder.jpg were stored protected for read and write access by machine, maybe only Roon behaves correctly and all others skip the instructions to the operating system. It must be examined already much more exactly with uploaded (unchanged) examples, what happens here exactly. Good cooperation helps!

I expect roon might want some of the files uploaded to them as test files to see what is happening here.

Roon runs on Linux as root. It has all the access permissions to the music folders it needs:

When I raise an issue it’s generally safe to presume I’m raising it because I’ve exhausted options at the customer end.

…and that is exactly what the direct links to the files at source are for, so they can be downloaded and examined by Roon’s support team.

It’s a pervasive issue with album art sourced from apple music, not an isolated instance.

The direct links to the files at source are in my post above.

and more…

@support, could someone look at this and provide some support please.

If only smaller thumbnails are to be shown, it’s no problem, many applications like to grab those. But if the huge original is embedded or used thousands of times as folder.jpg, it will flatten any database. I have also read this:

Your statement: “I suspect the answer is technical debt: The current version of libjpeg-turbo is 2.1.0 on 23 April 2021 and if their open source list is to be believed they’re using 1.4.0 which dates back to 2015.”

I wish we had more appreciation here, even if no one can help. There are indeed unsolved world problems and if everyone helps out and names everything they suspect or have knowledge of, it would be a benefit to the Roon community. Thanks for this

They’re not embedded, Roon typically resamples images for internal use within the database. The image size is not the issue.

are there really 9999 x 9999 pixels in the original? Since you need a very special TV to view or what do I still have to learn?

No, you’re confusing the filename with the image resolution, which tends to be 3000x3000.

Ever tried to vary the format or size?

instead of folder.jpg folder.jpeg or conversion to folder.png

instead of 3000 x 3000 only 2800 x 2800…

Maybe you can find a limit that is not specified in the FAQ.

I own this album (I love Italians Do It Better) and as an experiment I have switched my folder.jpg to the exact file you’ve linked. After rescanning, Roon is able to recognise and use the 3000x3000 pixel artwork without issue. I have no solution for you but I can tell you there is nothing wrong with your image files as linked.

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Do you have another machine you can try running up a core on as test? See if it exhibits the same issue. Maybe it’s a Linux issue?

Are you running the latest updated Linux core version?

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Thanks for trying and posting. How did you confirm that? Is there album still unidentified within Roon?

I can try a Windows 10 laptop as core and point it to a folder tree, yes.

Re Linux, yes, I’m on latest Roon core incl. DotNet & remote (same build no as you).