Roon fails to launch after 1/2 library ingested

**Win 10-64 - 32 gigs RAm -new build PC. **

1/2 of my 500,000 + library of songs ingested by ROON then (overnight) it stopped and now I cannot launch ROON.

RME sound card*

That is a lot of tracks, Roon will be churning away analyzing the files for quite a while which is maybe what you are seeing

It may be worthwhile splitting the library loading into sub folders until it’s done.

Load say 100,000 wait until Roon has finished then add more

I am not aware of a limit but that’s a big library, mine is 150,000 and took forever to finish when I first loaded it

Ps what processor are you using ?

Hi Mike,

It’s what a life in music gets you.

Anyway, my rig is fairly new…only a few months old…

I have the library on one 10T drive and the program loaded on an SSD. All other programs are on other drives…

the music collection itself is split into 3 tree folders each roughly 2.25 T

-RME Hammerfall DSP
-Intel i9-9900K 3.60 G
-Logical cores -16
Memory 32 gigs.

Any help would be appreciated… and by the way, JRIVER 26 has no problem handling this library…loads in 2 seconds…

Roon does two big things at import time that Jriver does not do AFAIK:

  1. Creates an object-oriented database by combining all the metadata in your music files with metadata sources that Roon curates. That data integration requires lots of memory, network communication to Roon servers, and considerable CPU.
  2. It analyzes every track to calculate its dynamic range for automatic volume leveling. That requires a lot of CPU.

Why? What happens?

All those tracks are going to result in a huge database.

Roon’s data base is kept on the OS drive. How big is that for you?

when I say it does not launch… I mean it goes through the opening sequence…asks for user and password and then it “spins” for about 30 seconds and then the page disappears.
btw, I have lots and lots of room on the c drive for the metadata…

Yes, I am aware of this which is why Roon interests me. JRiver does the volume leveling btw.

This could be a graphics driver issue…more hardware details please

can another remote see what’s going on?

JRiver will analyse the audio in the same way if the config is set , the 2 sec Load Michael is talking about is once the library has been imported and analysed.

Roon while still loading the library for the first time will analyse the audio , you can stop it but it will still need doing sometime.

Roon is doing a lot of lookup creating the local db, JRiver does lookups but much less hence the final library is smaller and loads faster

That looks a suitable processor , it may well be an idea to split the library up a bit to avoid overloading things.

The JRiver load will be after all the analysis is done , audio analysis is done on import if you select to do so

How big is your system SSD ?.My 150K library is 15.3 G so your will be around 50-60Gb, its in Users\Appdata\Roon\Database , so you SSD must be at least 250G I would say

my SSD is 300 G


Last night I started over. I uninstalled the program and deleted all ROON files. This time I chose to ingest just one (of 3) top folders… this morning, all 186,000 tracks are there and the program shut down and reopened for me…I can see it chugging away analysing audio but otherwise it is stable… I have it now ingesting the second of 3 master folders…will let you know how it goes…

thanks for the help so far.

Under settings | library | background audio settings - how maybe cores are you using?

using all of them will bog your system down for doing much else.

last time i chose 5. this time I let it at its default setting.

Sounds like progress :grinning:

I’m watching and waiting… Should take a few more days… Will update as I move through the process. Thank you for your help.

Hello @Michael_Giunta, thanks for posting! And yes, please let us know if you have any further issues!

My experiments have not been successful thus far. The few glimpses I have had of the program suggests it is too bad I can’t get the program to work… I have Uninstalled Roon and reinstalled 3 times and all three times… the program crashes after ingesting parts of my library.

I will describe all 3 attempts…

  1. The first time I selected all 3 master files with my full library and it got through about 1/2 of it before crashing… 250,000 titles - i chose 5 cores (of 16) to do background audio analysis.

  2. the second time I selected just one master folder… it worked! I then selected the second folder it worked as well and I was now up to 380,000 tracks… I then selected the 3rd folder and it bailed out 1/2 through the 3rd master folder. BTW, i left the speed at the throttled defaults…

  3. the third time I started with the 3rd folder and it made it through about half of the tracks in that folder 60,000 tracks and then it crashed…

I tried several times to load the program after each crash and I get the launch quote, then the spinning ICON for 60 seconds or so and then it crashes…

For the record I have a new win 10 - 64
Lots of space on the SSD and plenty of horsepower in my processor i9 9900K 3.6 GHz

Any ideas before I bail on this?

Logs will be needed for sure. I have had in the past a single or several tracks that had some corruption that caused importing to crash the system, its rare but it can happen. It was a DSD test track IIRC. Logs will be key.

you can find out where to access <-here

Yep I think @wizardofoz has it

There have been reported cases where a corrupt file stalls the whole thing. Logs will show it but while you are doing that

If you have JRiver installed still, re run AutoImport its a wild chance but it may just report a file that cannot be imported at the end of the run (There is a Final Dialog)

If there is cut & paste that file somewhere else outside of the watched folders and repeat when you get a clean run repeat Roon

It may work …