Roon family for Tidal family?

(toby) #1

I have a Tidal Family account. Can I use this with Roon or do I have to purchase Roon again for my wife?

(Mike) #2

Right now, your Roon library can integrate a single Tidal account.

Can you explain a little more about what you’re trying to setup?

(toby) #3

I was hoping that you might have a family option for Roon, so I don’t have to purchase another lifetime subscription. It would be great if my wife could use Roon, as we have a Tidal family account with separate music libraries.

(Francisco) #4


Roon allows you to create multiple profiles, so your wife can have her own.

To create a new profile, just go to “Overview”, using the left side menu, then click on the + sign at the right of the screen, where it says “New Profile”, enter the name and birthday and you are set.

Hope this helps!

(toby) #5

Does that mean that she can log in to her own Tidal account with her Roon profile on her computer? I just want to make sure that she can access her separate Tidal account with her own music from Roon without having to purchase Roon and that my Roon account/ music library won’t change at all.

(Mike) #6

Hey @toby23 – a Roon membership covers a single library, which can shared throughout the house, and controlled remotely by a virtually unlimited number of devices, streaming to any number of supported audio devices around the house.

Because your membership is tied to management of the library that is being shared around the house, right now everyone in the house shares a common library, and a library can only integrate with one Tidal account at a time.

We’ve heard some requests for supporting more profile specific libraries – for example, my profile would hide the folder containing my girlfriend’s music. This is the first I’ve heard requesting support for multiple Tidal accounts, but that makes sense now that they’re offering family plans.

For now, profiles have their own play history, favorites, playlists, and Last.FM accounts, but share the same library and Tidal account. We’re considering a number of feature requests that would make profiles more powerful in the future, so I’ll add this one to the list.

Thanks for the question @toby23!

(toby) #7

That’s exactly what I needed to know, thank you for your reply.

How I/we listen to music has changed so much over the last few years and now, with decent competition, the digital market is evolving once again. I really appreciate your openness and willigness to work on this.

Unfortunately my wife just told me that she can’t live without her audiobooks, so the problem is solved for now, she will stay with Spotify and I will commit to Tidal and Roon. Hard not to…


How are family members accounts handled with Roon?


Hi Fritz,
I moved your question into this topic, have a read above and see if it answers your question.

(Joachim F) #10


This would be a useful feature. Or even better have the possibility to add all family members Tidal accounts into one library. ie being able to log on to more than one account i Tidal.

On my first day with Roon so forgive me if this is already suggested elsewhere.

Thanks, Joachim

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(Carl Henrik Janson) #11


In this family, subject to a family subscription in Tidal, there is now a growing interest for Roon, perhaps more than anything for its multiroom features.

If the Roon subscription was able to handle multiple Tidal accounts, so that each member would still see ONLY their own tidal library and the common Roon library (NAS concept), it would immediately create 5 new Roon users here.

What is the Roon roadmap on this feature request?

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(Ramona Kollar-Neuber) #12

Bump :confused: anything new on this?

(Zsolt) #13


This would be a useful feature.

Anything new on this?

(Daren Yong) #14

+1 for Tidal Family Plan support.

The wife must have personal Tidal account to play on her device, separate from my Tidal account.

(Paul) #15

Whole family (wife, three daughters and me) was using Spotify for a lot of years.

Carefully introduced Tidal and moved the family with all their playlists.
Created a profile for my wife and tried to connect her Roon profile to Tidal.

I am very disappointed & also surprised to see only one Tidal account can be used.


+1. I just purchased Roon, but we have been using a Family HiFi Tidal subscription for years. I wrongly assumed that because Roon has different user profiles, different Tidal profiles could be linked to my wife and kids’ accounts. Please allow for different Tidal accounts to be linked to different Roon profiles, separate from items physically stored on the Roon core. My kids certainly have no interest in my Tidal playlists and library, and I don’t have much interest in theirs. It would be great if they could each be able to access the library physically on the core as well as their own Tidal accounts.

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(Tony) #17

As well as a requirement for supporting multiple Tidal accounts, this feature should also allow a profile not to have an associated Tidal account. Effectively this limits Roon to your local library only, which is good for search performance.

(Nick Staff) #18

I’m having a similar wife migration situation. For what it’s worth I’d think an extra $5/month or so per additional roon profile (true profile with own library, own tidal connection, etc). I don’t know how I can put in a music system for our home when it excludes everyone else in the home. Would be great if there was an update on this even if it’s a flat out no?

Other feature request (sorry) - would be great to be able to mark albums/artists as profile specific or global - so you could create a baseline library for all users and then they can build on top of that… Thanks.

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(Scott G) #19

You can do that now with tags. Create a global tag and add it to everything you consider ‘global’. Create user specific tags and add them to each album a user considers part of their library. It is then easy to select, by tag, any user’s albums from the whole library. You can save any of these searches by bookmark and easily call up a specific library with a single click.

(Nick Staff) #20

Thank you for that - I didn’t know that and it’s cool.

I do think the bigger issue is the single tidal account - that is a show stopper for me and others.

Tags are great, but I think there needs to be some more user friendly ways of doing things like that - because eventually the customer base won’t want to even know what a tag is IMO.

Thanks again