Roon favourite only works on primary version

I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design?
I’ve not used this before really and as i have a few things i do play frequently i thought i’d add some favourites.

Without thinking I added one to a album and it didn’t show up.

Few clicks later and it seems I can only add an album favourite on the primary version, which does kinda make sense but no mention of that in the KB?
Same seems to apply to tracks

You can favourite as many as you like but you need “show hidden tracks and albums” on before you can do so.
With it on

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Thanks Ged

Does this only work if I manually favourite /each/ version? Or are you saying there is a way for favourites to sync across versions? ie. I heart a track a track on the Qobuz version of an album and the the same track gets favourited on my local FLAC version of that album.

If the latter that would be a feature I’d love to be able to enable but haven’t yet figured out how to.

Manually favourite as far as I can see. I am projecting here I realise but I think people get picky about versions so would only like specific versions favourited.

Yeah, I guess it’s tricky, personally if I ‘heart’ a a track it’s because I like the track as a song, regardless of format.

The heart = like/enjoy.

I get that someone might want to prefer a version of an album due to format, but extending that to the track level seems to be getting into listening to formats rather than music and sailing close to people buying music to listen to their hifi, rather than buying a hifi to listen to music :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the help/response, wanted to check I wasn’t missing a trick!

I agree about music Vs playback. I enjoy a song if it’s on crappy Bluetooth speaker or whatever. But there is a lot of analysis paralysis on display here.
Ethernet cables…

So Ethernet cables.
Do they have to be updated in conjunction with power and USB?

Does a magic combination of all three have to be performed for best sound or are they independent? :grinning:

I’ll go back to looking at favourites………… :grinning:


This also creates a problem when an album is removed from streaming services. You can no longer play the album and all your favourites are tied to that dead copy. When I add the replacement copy, I have to manually add my favourite tracks back.

Especially annoying given that Roon knows all these different versions are the same album. It even has a database to store the favourites across versions :unamused:

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