Roon favourites keep un-favouriting-Qobuz

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

IMac Catalina- Core 1.7(610)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ubiquity UDM Ethernet

Description Of Issue

  1. In Qobuz I favourite the Album/Track

  2. In Roon I add the Album/Track to my library.

  3. In Ronn I favourite the track.

  4. I add the Track to a Roon playlist I have created.

Now almost all of the tracks in the playlist I have created are no longer marked as favourites. When I then go into the album it’s showing “add to library” even though I have previously done this. When I do add to library the favourites show. When I then go back to the playlist they still show as not favourites.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Wafubloke,

Take a look at our documentation about this here:’s_the_difference_between_albums_in_my_library_and_albums_outside_of_my_library%3F

When it comes to TIDAL and Qobuz, you can add an album to your Roon library and treat it like local content: You can make edits, favorite them, add them to tags, only add specific tracks, etc.

We also allow you to see the unaltered version from the streaming service if you wish.

Since you can see both the in-library and out-of-library version, it matters which you add to your playlists. If you add an out-of-library version of a track to a playlist, even if you add that track and make edits later, it will always be the out-of-library version in the playlist. You’ll need to specifically add the in-library version.

I hope this helps to clarify things!

I’m confused (easily done). I have no local titles, everything is via Qobuz. These are the steps I’ve been using.

In Qobuz first:

  1. Selected the title (album not just the track) and favourited (Love heart)

In Roon:

  1. Added to library (album not just the track).
  2. Favourited the track.
  3. Added track to a playlist I created.

From here the track doesn’t show as favourited as above pictures show.

This is my view of how to use Roon with Qobuz, use the Hamburger to display the menu, choose Qobuz to explore and find music, when you find some albums you like I either save it to a “Qobuz Albums I like” Playlist so I can find it again or if I really like it then I “Add to Library” to make it mine.

When I’m not exploring and want to enjoy my music I again use the Hamburger menu to choose Albums, where I’ll now find all the music I really like, the Albums browser is where I spend all my time, editing, favoriting, Tagging, etc.

The Qobuz menu selection puts you in Qobuz view mode where your in Roon but using the Roon interface to browse Qobuz, so your not really looking at your music but Qubuzes music, and when you choose the Albums menu your in Roon mode looking at your music with a window to similar Qobuz music.

Understanding the difference and working with your Roon music may help reduce confusion, some things work differently in Qobuz than Roon, thus do all your work in Roon mode.

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