ROON Feature Requests, Problems, & Comments from New User

True, Seattle is expensive.
Also depends on family size.

But ignore that, five albums?


I apologize, I absolutely did not want to sound flip, or cavalier about money.

My reaction was because I think of buying a house and pensions and life insurance and retirement and college as significant financial decisions.
I think of all this hobby stuff as relatively unimportant.
I think Roon is great, but if it involves financial hardship, of course it should not be considered.

I wrote a more thoughtful piece discussing what something is worth:

How do you do this?

I currently have Roon on a 60 day trial (via a card in my Chord Poly). I have used it for about half that period so far and although I’ve got to grips with much of the basics I’ve still got a lot to learn. During that period I’ve been at home a lot so had quite a bit of time to devote to learning Roon too. I know I could have asked for an extension of the 14 day trial, but my point was you should have too. 30 days is pretty the norm for a trial period. 14 days is actually off-putting and I really don’t see why they limit it so much. Sorry but that seems bonkers to me.

If you follow the link I gave, you will find this:

Can my license be used in more than one location?

Yes! If you only have one Roon license, you can simply log in to Roon at any location, and Roon will prompt you to de-authorize the previously active installation. However, you can’t run Roon in two locations at the same time with only one license.

Install Roon on your laptop, take it on holiday with your HD of music and start up Roon. Because you are not at home, Roon will say it can’t find the Core and ask if you want to set up a Roon Core on your laptop. Do this, log in to Roon, and Roon will prompt you to de-authorize the previously active installation (see above).

When you get back home, assuming you want to carry on using your Laptop as a Roon Remote controlling the Core in your home, then in Roon, go to Settings/General and click the blue Disconnect button. Then Roon will show you the Cores that it has found; the one still running on your laptop, and the Core running in your home network. Connect to this one, and Roon will prompt you to de-authorize the previously active installation (see above).

Sorry a bit late busy sunbathing

The CD01 - Annotation is well known

Roon works on albums, so if you think of a box set as an album it will have CD01…CDxx

If annotated Roon will see each cd as an album and split them off. If you multi select them , right click first, shift click the last then Edit>Merge ronnwill reconstruct the Box

Box sets are badly handled , look at the Classical Consolidated thread for info, Roon is well aware of the shortfall alas …

Sorry Classical a compilation thread

Thanks for this. I’ll give it a go.

Thanks for the info. Some box sets it seems to handle fine with CD1, CD2, etc, others no matter what it doesn’t group them, and very large box sets seem to fail too. For a product that prides itself on metadata and usability it’s still has someway to go in this department, especially considering the price.

Alternatives seem to recognize the disc 1/6, 2/6 metadata tag and deal with it fine.

Have a dig through the community, there are many threads about the poor state of classical metadata, Roon can only work with what it can find in its metadata sources

Many of the big box sets , eg Brendel 114, Karajan DG etc have p**s poor metadata, embarrassingly so for Philips DG etc

The classical die hards have been vocal on the subject but to no avail, Roon features are aimed at the highest number of users, Classical fans come a poor second, this is not a sleight just the facts

Maybe 1.7 will shed light but I wouldn’t hold my breath

Another way of looking at it might be that because the labels insist in providing such p**s poor metadata, then Roon Labs have a tough job in trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. It is of no surprise to me that they pursue other challenges first.

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Nor me Geoff. What is a surprise is the lack of a Plan B. Roon gives us neither a complete fix nor the tools to enable user fixes. Frustrating…

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Another metadata insight

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Erm - the user tools are there. It boils down to your file tags, the PERSONNEL tag in particular. I have a few albums that are too rare to have any metadata in the upstream source, and quite a few other albums whose metadata I have enriched/corrected through the use of the PERSONNEL, WORK, and PART tags.

See this page for tag details:

And this page for the exhaustive list of roles for use in the PERSONNEL tag.

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John knows all of that he’s just a grumpy sod.
He fell off the path and is having to start at step one again (be nice to people) and it’s making him testy.

If he knows about it, then complaints liked “nor the tools to enable user fixes” are utterly invalid.

My big box solution works , Rock in Roon, Classical boxes JRiver

Not at all ideal but certainly less frustrating

John may be grumpy :heart_eyes:but he’s is correct.

I have lots of 3rd party tagging software but none of the changes can be made in Roon

Semantics? To get from A to B you can drive your car or take the bus - two different modes of transport to accomplish the same goal. To present better information in Roon, you can edit the metadata using a third-party tool or use the tools in Roon…

What was I saying?! Roon DOES provide everything I need. Everything is beautiful in its own way.

You were right, Mike. Roon HAS provided lots of tools and lots of exhausting lists. I remember now. I bought Yate for the challenge of it. I needed to dust off my macro programming skills.

Roon attracted me by promising a browsing experience like no other. But first, we had to go through a tagging experience. (They deemphasized that part.) And what an experience it has been. After multiple attempts at spelling Mussorgsky I can now spell it blindfolded. And my typing error rate has dropped like a stone. And while many of my compositions remain unlinked, it is primarily because of my slow typing. Just 3000 compositions left!

And, does it really matter that they don’t trust me with linkages, even though I made a point of copying and pasting the canonical title? At first it caught me off guard when I first learned that “24 Preludes…” was not the same as “Preludes (24)…” and not putting a phrase like “for piano” in the title was a sacrilege.

You are right about tools – AGAIN. Roon gave me access to TIDAL and encouraged me to import copies of all the compositions I already had. It was “necessary for the browsing experience.” Learning to import and delete tracks in TIDAL has been a growth experience for me.

“Utterly invalid” was a stinging rebuke, I admit. But it made me realize that I am the epitome of ‘utterly invalid’. No valid perspectives. No expectations. Nothing to add. All is well.

Roon has brought me hope: hope of that browsing experience one day. And it has certainly filled up my day with a myriad of tasks. I should be grateful.