Roon finds albums on Tidal that are not available


A few times, especially with new or just released (sometimes even unreleased albums), Roon finds albums or tracks on Tidal, but these tracks and albums cannot be played - you try to click and it says “No Play action available”.

I have attached a screenshot of such a search that found an album and cannot be played. This album is officially unreleased on Bancamp.

What is going on?

Services always want to be the fastest and label/artists tend to allow some tracks in advance. But with this, the whole album does not play yet. Some albums are also only shown and never released for streaming. Buying from Bandcamp/Qobuz should be encouraged that way. I find the procedure dubious, but it has nothing to do with Roon. The problem is only visible there too.

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Yes, it seemed is somehow related to the way labels/artists are publishing on Tidal.
But some music never becomes available. Somehow Roon finds it. Is frustrating at times.
I agree Bandcamp is the way to go for buyimg music.

Tidal physically send roon the list of tracks, roon just reflects this.

Better than the alternative. Albums that are available on Tidal and Qobuz, but not on Roon. Rammstein, anyone?

Show your heart for Rammstein on Qobuz and/or Tidal and they will fly to you immediately after the sync on Roon.

No thanks :joy:

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I am on an overseas trip. When I get home I will try it out. Thanks!

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LOL, wife is rather horrified by that particular musical choice.

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Speaks for your wife :slight_smile:

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Since 2019 at the latest, many CD players have been letting out the omnivore “Allesfresser”

All of their discography is available in Roon.

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Thanks! Something to look forward to in a week.

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Yeah, she got all the class. But I have more fun.:blush:

You’re welcome. Enjoy :metal:t2: