Roon flaky over last 48 hours


Roon via iOS remote has been acting strange for me over the last 48 hours.

My core is on a headless Mac mini running Catalina. I’ve rebooted my router, rebooted the Mac and the behavior persists.

Symptoms are:

Occasionally get the pink message on the Overview screen saying that the page did not load correctly (it did as best I can tell) and to check my network connection (which is, and has been fine).

Also, my profile picture on the Roon overview screen comes and goes.

Other than these two things, Roon plays (even while the check network connection pop up is displayed) without a glitch.

Is this just Catalina flakiness, or do I have another issue?


Suggest you probably hang in there until roon has an update out to support users on Catalina - at this time Catalina is not officially supported.

Hi @Bob_Worley,

Do you by any chance have another Roon Remote that exhibits this behavior, or is this limited just to your iOS remote?

We are aware of some issues on Catalina but these relate more towards storage accessibility, I don’t believe your overview and profile picture should be affected in this way.

You may want to try reinstalling the Roon app on your iPad to see if it helps, or we can take a look at this behavior again once we publish a fix for the Catalina issues.

Thanks for the reply @noris.

Yesterday I had the same issues with other remotes running on Catalina as well. Today (knock on wood) so far, I’ve not had any issues for the past several hours.

The issue is more an irritant than a performance issue, so I’ll be happy to wait out the release that deals with Catalina issues.

Thanks again,

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