Roon Focus View Has no Attributes

I a running my Roon Core on Nucleus with a Windows 10 laptop. I have a SSD attached to Nucleus. It has a little over 5,000 tracks on it. I added some new tracks and re-shared it on my network, and in Settings>Storage, it says 5,189 tracks imported. I am able to locate all of the albums and tracks and play them. When i use the Focus tool, there are attributes missing, like FORMAT, SAMPLE RATE, BIT DEPTH, COMPOSER, PERFORMER, RELEASE DATE, GENRES. I have given it 16 hours since updating with new music and it still has not populated. I have rebooted Nucleus 2x, still no change. Any ideas?

Hi Jordan,

Can you post some screen shots so that support has a better understanding of what you are describing.

While taking screengrabs to post here it has fully updated, must have been enough titles to need 18 hours to fully lookup and update! Thanks

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I’m glad it’s working!

If you have any more issues with this feature let us know. I’ll mark you as resolved for now!


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