Roon for A&K SP2000

Dear Team,

Can we expect a Roon release for A&K SP2000, in this lifetime?


I wonder the same for my SP1000m, but that’s unfortunately up to A&K, not Roon. I only used my SP1000m traveling, so I didn’t worry much about its never-arriving Roon capability. Then COVID-19 came, and I had a lot of time to listen to music while sitting outside working. That’s when Roon would have been perfect. Eventually gave up on that idea.

Roon never comment on ongoing work with gear makers. Frustrating, I know, but that’s the nature of this business: Roon has to avoid making promises on behalf of other parties that have their own priorities, and would not like to be placed on the hot seat for their delays and broken promises.

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sad Indeed… Let’s Hope A&K does something about it… :frowning:

There was a post somewhere saying a&k has suspended development due to Corona.
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