Roon for a newbie, yes, yes, I know :-)

Hi there,

I use Roon since a few weeks and it’s a very good service.

But I encounter two difficulties that I cannot resolve !

A first, it’s not easy to organize classical music tag’s. I think that it’s not a scoop, but I don’t find solution, did I miss one essential thread in the Roon community ?

At second, I think that the sound restitution via Roon lacks of quality in the high frequencies with acoustic instruments reproduction (violin, harpsichord etc…) Did I omit one sound parameter ? On the same audio system (considered to be correct), with the same Innuos server and the same configuration, a strictly basic squeezeplayer sounds better and realistic !

Best regards,


I don’t think so. Classical is not well supported in the Roon metadata system, which pulls from sources which tend to emphasize rock and pop. Of course, classical metadata is seemingly not well-organized in any metadata service available.

I doubt this is due to Roon. What kind of DSP processing are you doing? Can you post a picture of your signal path (play something, then click on the little colored dot to the right of the track name at the bottom of the control screen)? Looks like this: