Roon for iPad goes to begining of library after sleep

Is there a way to fix the behaviour of Roon app for iPad?
Every time I scroll through my library of Albums, sorted by Artist, pick and play an album and lock the iPad or it autolocks, next time I go back Roon doesn’t bring me to the last page in library visited, but at begining of the library.
This is very annoying.

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Agreed, it is terribly annoying, especially if you’re trying to work your way through a list.

The same thing has frustrated me at times with Tidal album searches. After clicking through to view album details, pressing back always brings you to the first page.


This has frustrated me from day 1 with Roon on iOS.

I was hoping for a solution here. Is this is what it is? Or is there a way to set this up differently?

No solution. It is what it is.

That’s really bad. I wonder why Roon app couldn’t remember last position in the library on the server and go to it once it reconnects.
…in case the location is non existent it could go back to the beginning.

I also think it’s annoying and would like to see it changed.

I brought this up last year in October.They said they were able to reproduce.Still waiting ?

Is this only for iPad or also for Android?

+1 for this.

Make that one more vote here, too.

@support, what say ye…bug or feature?

User experience should have top priority, IMO.

Still no solution or workarround for this?

What a shame. Since 2017 this is a issue.
This tottaly ruins browsing experience. Or iPad battery as last cenario workarround.

Yeah, what can I say, still waiting. :man_shrugging: