Roon for Mac keeps losing my Roon login

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina and whatever the latest version of Roon for Mac is.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

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Description Of Issue
Roon for Mac keeps asking me to log into my Roon account when I start the app. It happens after I’ve shut down the app for an hour or so. It’s annoying because I use a complicated password that I don’t want to have to keep re-inputting.

Is there no option for Roon to keep me logged into the app? How else can I fix this?


Could this be linked to what is described below?
Roon won’t remember my login


Yes. I’m sorry I didn’t find that thread when I searched for help on this issue. I’ll post to there next, but I wanted to reply to you with a small update. I uninstalled Roon from my Mac completely, including databases and everything. I then reinstalled it. It seemed to work okay yesterday but today after booting up it asked me for my login credentials again. So the issue is ongoing.
I’m surprised that after almost 3 months (according to the other thread that you sent) this has not be fixed. Anyway thanks again for pointing me to the other thread.

I notice you haven’t upgraded to Big Sur. Any particular reason? I’ve been using it for a while without any issues on an iMac. Roon works smoothly.

I usually stay at least 1 version behind in most of the software I use, including my OS. I use my computer for my work so I’m very protective of how it works. If everything is operating smoothly, I don’t change it. Maybe I’ll upgrade to Big Sur when the next version of MacOS comes out in a year or so. I’ll let every other Mac user do the beta testing of the public release until then lol.
There isn’t anything in Big Sur that’s compelling enough for me to upgrade but thanks for letting me know about your experience with Roon running on it. It’s valuable information and I appreciate you taking the time to share it!

My pleasure. I suppose I was wondering if you would have fewer problems with Roon using Big Sur.

No issues at all running roon on older macOS or OS X versions.

Are you running on a roon install that’s been put into the applications folder? Also you need to be doing this on a full login not a guest account just in case that’s what’s in play here.

Is you account a normal user or with administrator rights?

As mentioned in the other tread, I have exactly the same problem on a Windows 10 Enterprise installation, using Roon Server. Every new day (after booting the server again), I have to re-enter my login details on the Roon Remote.

No problem, I thought you would be interested in the other thread to see the history.

Hi @Tim_H & @Ignace,

Thanks for reaching out! We are aware of this issue and investigating it, for the latest update please see below:

Thank you for your patience while this investigation is underway.

I just wanted to offer an idea here. I have heard that this issue only affects people who have a trial account. With that in mind maybe the issue is connected to the Roon app’s check-in with the server for the trial countdown timer? Maybe it checks in to double check that the trial subscription is still active, and how many more days until the end of the trial? I can’t imagine there’s much else that’s unique about a trial user’s “version” of the app compared to a paid user’s “version”. Anyway, just putting it out there.

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Hi @Tim_H,

Thanks for posting this here! Tomorrow I’m switching to my monthly subscription, I’ll see what happens :wink:

Please see also the other thread I mentioned earlier, where I posted some additional tips to avoid this bug…

Kind regards,

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