Roon for Windows RT [Not On Roadmap]

Are there any plans to support Windows RT ? Would love to see a Control App


I would love to see that, but I doubt that most of the hardware that came bundled with RT could handle Roon’s video requirements. Also, it’s hard to think of anything on the Roon road map less important than RT support. Damnit!

Windows RT? Surely you jest? It’s dead, Jim.

It’s dead buried and the plot concreted over.

It’s not totally dead. Roon works on squeezebox devices, and they, like Windows RT devices, are discontinued, unsupported, still used only by a population of enthusiasts, and jailbreak-able to operate beyond their design (see digital audio out plugin for Touch). Are we not enthusiasts? :vulcan:

What you said.

Unless they resurrect it AND it becomes massively popular, RT support is not going to happen.

Squeezebox happened because it was not a technical challenge (WinRT support would be), and there was quite a market opportunity for us there. Hundreds of thousands of musically inclined Squeezebox owners had been left abandoned with little path to moving forward.

Not to mention, that those users were already familiar with the type of ecosystem Roon was using, central server and music endpoints. They just “got” what Roon was doing.

You could always run Roon in a VM on Windows RT:

Worth a try. I hate how useless that Surface tablet became (and so quickly). What it did run, it ran terribly slowly. I suspect the hardware won’t keep up with Roon, but it’s worth it to me to have a go at it. Look for an update here, many months from now… :upside_down: