Roon forgets some tracks or jumps to a different folder

I play a musicfolder containing 14 tracks.
Roon plays Track No.1 and then jumps to track 5.
Roon plays track No.1 and when finished jumps to a totally different folder.
Example: I play Best of Blue Note Track 1, and roon jumps to Bach, Brandenburg Concertos.
This behaviour happens too often, not to be reported.

Thank you

Hi @miklats – do all the tracks in the folder show up as an album? Are you playing the whole album, or a single song?

If you click a song and press play, only that song will play. Then, our Radio feature will start.

If you want to play the entire album, you can click the Play Album button:

And you can check out this link if you want to only play certain songs from an album.

Let me know if you have any other questions @miklats!

Hi Mike
Thanks for your reply.
Roon is soo different to any other Audio software, with so many possibilities, that some learning curve is necessary.

I am aware of the radio feature. I think I did not use it, but I recheck your advice again.