Roon forum - Constant sign-offs with Safari on Mac

Is it just me, or is the Roon forum constantly losing login information (at least twice a day or so) despite having normal cookie settings on Safari for Mac? Though I do have 1Password, it’s still a pain to have to re-enter login information so many times during a day/week.

Nope – no problems using Safari on either Mac or iPad. And I’m around pretty often. :wink:

Auto logout did happen in the frenzy after the 1.8 release, when forum usage was at an all-time high – but I haven’t seen it for weeks. Anyway, n=1 – let others chime in.

I have already deleted cookies and so on, to no avail - not sure what the problem is, then - does Safari have some other security setting that might affect this?

No problems here with Safari on MacOS…

No issues on MacOS or Windows. It does however sign me out from iOS Safari. Annoying.

I may try to reset my Keychain on the Mac - it’s becoming too annoying.

We’ve not heard anything about this on any scale, so I’m going to guess it’s isolated to something on your end.

I was going to suggest clearing the cookies, but you’ve already tried that. If you visit when you are booted from community, does it work? They use similar but different cookie systems.

Tks, Danny - it must be something on my end, but I have no idea what. My last resort will be to completely reset the Mac keychain; something might be wonky about it.

Can’t say as I have ever had to relogin on my ipad mini4 running safari to the Roon forum or discogs or any site I regularly visit.
Unfortunately must be something simple but annoying on your end?
Good luck.

Tks - just removed all website data and cookies - let’s see how it goes.