Roon freeze on iPad

I’m facing very often an issue using roon remote on ipad (new version but not the pro with the latest sw ios version available installed).
When I unlock ipad with roon running the screen is frozen and nothing works but the music still run.
If I close roon app (by moving on top the app picture in the screen of the apps gir by double click) and restart it (by simply clicking onnthe spp icon) it opens but still with the same frozen status of before.
If I ask siri to restart the Roon app then it restart working

Hi @Marco_Rogiani,

Does the same behavior occur on any other Roon Remote or just the iPad?
Can you try reinstalling the Roon Remote app to see if it will help with this issue?

– Noris

I’ve reinstalled the remote on ipad and it looks fine now


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