Roon freezes and displays white screen [Solved: disable secondary screens]

Same issue with mine… Been happening for quite some time and I just tried closing Roon on my main screen and reopening it and it works, but as soon as I try to reopen it when it was on secondary or third screen, Roon reopens with white screen and freezes… Then I need to uninstall and remove settings and database, and reinstall all over again. It is quite frustrating!

Hello @Dominic_Valois,

I am so sorry to hear about the way Roon is behaving :pleading_face:

We’d love to help find a solution to this (more permanent than starting from scratch with Roon). Could you please use this article as a guide to share a bit more information about your setup?

Thank you very much :pray:

I am also suffering this same issue. Roon was working fine on Thursday, running from my main screen. Came to fire it up this morning, and it opens on my secondary screen and hangs immediately after opening the window.

If I open the Room app on my iphone, then it connects to my Rock server and plays just fine, so it’s just the Windows client application appears to be at fault.

[edit] It’s definitely due to the secondary screen - if I switch off the secondary monitor, then attempt to launch the Roon application, then it launches fine.

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