Roon freezes during playback (HQPlayer Question?)

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core: Mac Mini.
Roon Remote: Android tablet.
Both Roon build 1021

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Everything is under a wired network.

Connected Audio Devices

HQPlayer server is installed on another machine.

Number of Tracks in Library

the library is not managed by roon …
roon manages qobuz

Description of Issue

Good afternoon, I have a problem after a couple of hours that Roon (with HQPlayer) is running … it crashes or rather it seems that Roon “does not see” HQPlayer or that HQPlayer doesn’t see Roon.

If I play any album it doesn’t work …
if i just restart HQPlayer everything works.

Lanfranco, I moved this to the HQPlayer section of the forum as it seems the issues you are seeing may be addresed there. @jussi_laako monitors the forum and may be able to isolate what you are experiencing.

What CPU Mac Mini?

And what filters/modulator/sample rate are you trying to output?

Can you share screenshots of all your HQP settings?

What version of HQP Desktop?

the mac mini is an intel core 2 duo, with 4gb ram running only roon.

hqplayer (desktop 4) runs on a self-built windows machine running only hqp + NAA with linux image
LNS15> 1.536 mhz> poli-sinc-gauss-hires-lp

OK thank you

Hard to say what it could be. Please enable log file from HQPlayer settings, then restart HQPlayer and reproduce the issue. Then email me the log file (to the support email address).

ok I activate the log file and as soon as the block repeats I send you the file :+1:

hi Jussi here I am …
this morning the music block was repeated …

are these two screenshots enough?
thank you :+1:

No, there’s no playback there. Just NAA connection. Please send me the entire log file over email, not on the forum.

ok i sent it.
thanks Jussi :+1:

the problem persists … in the streaming block roon warns “roon has lost control of the device” … I restart only HQP (no roon no NAA) and everything works perfectly again … until obvious next block …

Schermata 2022-08-26 alle 18.32.01

“roon has lost control of the device” … disappears after a few seconds … but we already know that. :roll_eyes:

Usual reason is some problem with NAA or data link between HQPlayer and NAA.

Have you tried without NAA using direct USB connection?

hqp and naa (as well as roon on mac mini) communicate with each other via a tplink switch, DHCP is enabled on the HQP server.

he has certainly never used hqplayer without NAA.

when there was a “gap” between roon and the server … I checked if the NAA was seen by the hqp server it was like this … it always remained connected.
in fact with a simple restart of the hqp only everything worked fine, I have never restarted NAA.

Maybe there’s some error message in HQPlayer log when the problem appears?

Is there something in the log file I sent you?
otherwise I enable it again and wait for it to happen again…

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