Roon freezes my computer

I have a full fibre which provides me with download speeds of 500mbs.
I have roon installed on an Asus mini computer which is connected via Wifi to a Naim NDX2 streamer which is part of an active Naim HiFi system.
The software has been working well even after the upgrade to 1.8.
However yesterday when I accessed my artists via Qobuz I was able to scroll through half of the artists then the software froze and completely locked my computer.
I tried restarting my computer but had the same issue.
In the end I decided to reinstall roon.
Now when I try to open roon I get a message that the software cannot access my database.
Do you have any idea how I can resolve this problem?
I have Qobuz and Tidal installed on my pc and these both work as does Audiovarna which I also use.

Jon Drew

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